Bible in One Year

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August 23 Day 235

The Power of God

I sometimes wish I kept more of a diary. I am glad that, at least, I have recorded some of my prayers. Alongside the words of today’s passage, ‘We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you’ (2 Chronicles 20:13), I have jotted down some of the seemingly insurmountable problems and situations we have faced over the years. It is amazing and wonderful to see and have a record of how God has delivered us from so many of them.

August 22 Day 234

Whole-hearted Commitment

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I got up out of my seat and went forward. It was 1974. I had only been a Christian for a few months. The message I responded to was to be fully, whole-heartedly committed to the Lord and to follow him with all my heart – wherever that might take me. 

August 21 Day 233


Pippa and I sometimes reflect on what a blessing it is to have lived the whole of our lives so far without ourselves, or our children, being conscripted to fight in a war. Of course, there have been and still are many wars. In the UK, for generations before us, it was not just the army but the entire nation who were involved. The reality of war is a horror most of us will hopefully never know. Peace is a great blessing.

August 20 Day 232

Listening to the Holy Spirit

Will Wisbey was a successful young estate agent. He was fiercely sceptical of Christianity. One Sunday in April 2007 a friend invited him to an evening service at HTB. During that service, someone had a ‘word of knowledge’ that went like this: ‘There is a man here who is expecting a soft-top sports car to be delivered in the next two days. He has worked all his life so hard to achieve success. Work has been his life. He’s got the car, the house, the lifestyle, and he‘s not happy. And God wants him to know that there’s something more important for him to focus on.’

August 19 Day 231

The Greatest Thing in the World

I tried following the example of a missionary I once heard about who each day would read the four verses from today’s New Testament passage, which lists the sixteen characteristics of love. For the word ‘love’ she would substitute her own name. When she reached a characteristic that she knew was not true of her, she had to stop. Her aim was, one day, to get through the whole list.

August 18 Day 230

Intimate Relationships

‘When I first visited the Vineyard Church in California I discovered that one of their principal values was “intimacy with God”. So when I came back I started to talk about that as being one of our values too’, recalls Sandy Millar in his book, All I Want is You.

August 17 Day 229

How to Worship God

We are created to worship God. But why would God create human beings in order to receive their worship? Is this not, as some suggest, pure vanity?

August 16 Day 228

The Power of Example

Some of the world’s top squash players used to practise at the squash club where I play. I remember well the first time I saw at close hand a high-level squash game. It was the son of one of our regular group of players, who at the time was ranked number 11 in the world. He came to practise at our club with the world number 2.

August 15 Day 227

Going for Gold

I love to play sport. I have never been particularly good at it, but I enjoy it enormously. None of the guys I play squash with play at a very high standard. It is all very friendly and relaxed, and yet, we are all very competitive! Even the level we play at requires ‘strict training’. I have to train and play regularly. I have to be careful about what I eat and how much sleep I get.

August 14 Day 226

Maximising Your Influence

Leadership is about influence. Everyone influences someone. Therefore, in a sense, everyone is a leader. Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individual will influence 10,000 other people during his or her lifetime.