Bible in One Year

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October 1 Day 274

How to Be a Blessing Machine

Do you ever wonder whether you can make a difference to the lives of those around you?

September 30 Day 273

Bouncing it Back Up

It was one of the most moving and powerful testimonies I have ever encountered. A former sex worker, drug addict and dealer described how she had reached a point at which, in her own words, she was ‘dead’. She said her ‘blood was black’ and her ‘heart was black’. She described how she came on Alpha and heard that Jesus loved her so much that he died for her. She described how this had broken the concrete of her heart. She experienced God’s love for her for the first time. She is now filled with love for everyone, forgiving those who abused her, and radiating the love of Christ.

September 29 Day 272

A Life Worth Living

‘In the future, scientists may be able to prolong life, but will it be worth living?’ wrote Nigel Hawkes in The Times.

September 28 Day 271

The Victorious Power of the Lord

For many years, Bruce Streather was an atheistic lawyer. He never went to church, even though his family did. Most weekends he played golf. Eventually, as a result of considerable persuasion from his wife and three teenage daughters, he came on Alpha. He was extremely argumentative and hostile. None of the sessions had any impact on him until, towards the end of the course, he heard the talk ‘How Can I Resist Evil?’ Afterwards he came up to me and said, ‘In my work as a lawyer, I have seen so much evil. I have always believed in the power of evil. Tonight, it struck me that if there is a power of evil, it makes sense to believe that there is also a power of good.’ That night Bruce became a Christian. Ever since, he has been a committed member of the church with a very powerful and effective ministry affecting the lives of hundreds of people.

September 27 Day 270

Seven Ways to Please the Lord

You and I can please God. It is amazing when you really think about it: human beings – seemingly so insignificant when we look at the size and scale of the universe that God has created – have the ability to please the Lord. It is also possible to ‘displease’ the Lord (Isaiah 66:4c). The apostle Paul wrote, ‘Find out what pleases the Lord' (Ephesians 5:10), or as The Message translation puts it, ‘Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it’.

September 26 Day 269

Be Imitators of God

When she was nineteen years of age, Chiara Lubich gathered with a few friends in northern Italy. It was 1939 and, as bombs fell, they asked this question: ‘Was there an ideal that bombs could not destroy?’ Their answer was, ‘Yes, the love of God’.

September 25 Day 268

Life in the Spirit

‘I felt ablaze with a desire to go through the length and breadth of Wales to tell of the Saviour: and had it been possible, I was willing to pay God for doing so.’ So wrote Evan Roberts, the man at the centre of the Welsh revival of 1904–1905. He spoke about how the Spirit of God gave him an overwhelming experience of God’s love. He was filled with compassion and a desire to tell others about Jesus.

September 24 Day 267

The Secret is Revealed

For one night only, Pippa and I were Mr and Mrs de Branson. We were playing a murder mystery game on holiday. Half of us were suspects and half of us were detectives. Although the detectives did their very best to work it out, in the end the secret could only be revealed by its creator.

September 23 Day 266

What Difference Does Jesus Make?

‘My life has completely changed. I now look at the world through different eyes ... I feel love for everyone and an inner peace that I never imagined could exist.’ ‘I had been living my life in a dark hole, I was carrying a great weight on my shoulders ... that burden has gone ... and I am filled with great hope, joy, excitement and love, and all I want to do is to serve Christ in whatever form he chooses.’  ‘I feel like I have found love and conquered death in one day.’ I have interviewed hundreds of people around the world who have come to faith in Jesus. The question I ask over and over again is, ‘What difference has Jesus made?’ and the genuine answers above are typical. As we read in today’s passages, the difference Jesus makes is massive, eternal, and impossible to comprehend fully.

September 22 Day 265

Count Your Blessings

‘ “I’m a failure.” “I am no use to God; I can’t think why He bothers with me.” “He wouldn’t want to answer my prayers.” “I seem to come back to Him asking forgiveness for the same thing over and over again.” ’