Bible in One Year

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July 25 Day 206

What About Those Who Do Not Believe?

In February 1974 I had an encounter with Jesus Christ that totally changed my life. I understood he had died for me. I experienced his love. I knew God was real. I knew the extraordinary blessings of a relationship with Jesus. But almost immediately afterwards I experienced what Paul speaks about in this passage: ‘A huge sorrow ... an enormous pain deep within me’ (Romans 9:2, MSG).

July 24 Day 205

A Pillow on Which to Rest Our Weary Heads

I sometimes struggle to believe that God really loves me. I can be tempted to feel a sense of failure and self-condemnation. It is relatively easy to believe that God loves everybody else, but it is much harder to believe that God loves me.

July 23 Day 204

Sons and Daughters

Until it actually happened to me I would not have believed it was possible. But the moment I saw him, I experienced an overwhelming love. This tiny baby, who to others must have looked like any other baby, was my son. The moment a parent first sees their own child is unforgettable. The love a parent feels for a child is almost indescribable. Yet this is the analogy God uses of his love for us. The love he has for us is even greater than that which parents feel for their own children.

July 22 Day 203


One of my most frequent prayers is ‘Help!’. It is a prayer we can pray every day, in any and every situation. We can cry out to the Lord for help. God’s desire is for us to have a relationship with him that is real and from the heart.

July 21 Day 202

His Service is Perfect Freedom

At the age of eighteen, Billy Nolan ran away from the merchant navy. He was an alcoholic for thirty-five years. For twenty years he sat outside HTB drinking alcohol and begging for money. On 13 May 1990, he looked in the mirror and said, ‘You’re not the Billy Nolan I once knew.’ To use his own expression, he asked the Lord Jesus Christ ­into his life and made a covenant with him that he would never drink alcohol again. He has not touched a drop since. His life is transformed. He radiates the love and joy of Christ. I once said to him, ‘Billy, you look happy.’ He replied, ‘I am happy because I am free. Life is like a maze and at last I have found a way out through Jesus Christ.’

July 20 Day 201

New Life

Bishop Taylor Smith, former Chaplain General to the Forces, once asked a young man, ‘When you think about the cross of Christ, what do you see?’ He replied, ‘I see Christ, two thieves …’ The Bishop asked, ‘What else do you see?’ He replied, ‘Soldiers gambling …’ ‘If that is all you see I think you will have trouble with the Christian life’, he responded. ‘When I see the cross – with all that – I see old Bishop Taylor Smith. I was crucified with Christ.’

July 19 Day 200

Justice and Grace

At the age of thirty-one, Gary Haugen was appointed as Officer in Charge of the United Nations genocide investigation in Rwanda. Now he is President and CEO of International Justice Mission (IJM), a human rights organisation based in Washington DC. Gary believes that the biggest problem on earth is not too little democracy, or too much poverty, or too few anti-viral AIDS medicines, but the biggest cause of suffering is the fact that two-thirds of the world live outside the protection of the law. A lack of justice has a terrible effect on many of the world’s poor.                                

July 18 Day 199

The Love of God

God wants you to feel his love for you. He wants you to accept his love in your heart. You can receive his love in a new way today.

July 17 Day 198

Justified by Faith

In the years that I practised as a barrister I noticed that, for many people, appearing in court is a terrifying experience – even if they are only appearing as a witness. Being a litigant or a defendant can be an even more nerve-racking event. I often witnessed the relief when a defendant was acquitted or a litigant was declared by a judge to be ‘in the right’.

July 16 Day 197

The Answer

‘We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we are the worst people on the face of the earth and that nobody does as many wrong things as we do. But Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory (excellence) of God. Every man, woman, or child who was ever born, or ever will be, has a problem with sin. But the good news is that God has provided an answer to our dilemma’, writes Joyce Meyer.