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Thu 8 Oct 15 | 4:04PM
Last Thursday over 400 guests attended HTB's Classical Concert with Afternoon Tea for Older People and Friends. The concert marked 5 years that the event has been running at HTB Church. Members of the congregation and people from the local community came together and enjoyed an afternoon of classical ballet with students from the Central School of Ballet and Frances Holland School....

Fri 9 Oct 15 | 7:07AM


Lives are transformed through Christ. Who will you invite to church this Sunday? #BeTransformed

Thu 8 Oct 15 | 6:06PM


'It’s all about community.' Read more about the impact of the Classical Concert with Afternoon Tea today. #HTBChurch

Thu 8 Oct 15 | 2:02PM


RT @PeteGreig: Wondering how to pray for the #RefugeeCrisis? Pray the 4P's for: 1. People fleeing war 2. Peacemakers / NGOs 3. Politicians …