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Thu 18 Jun 15 | 10:10AM
Hi, have you met Oli? By day he is a trainee doctor and by night, a volunteer keys player on the worship team. For Oli, Kingdom Come, HTB’s night of worship and prayer, holds some of his closest moments to God. He shares with us his highlights.     Have you always lived in London? I moved to London in 2011, so this is my fifth year at HTB. I was born in...

Fri 26 Jun 15 | 6:06PM


This Sunday we are discussing #relationships in Part 5 of #TheWay. #Seeyouthere More info:

Fri 26 Jun 15 | 7:07AM


Don't miss the Leadership Conference talks from 2013-2015. Get them today: #LC15Talks #LC14 #LC13

Thu 25 Jun 15 | 6:06PM


Check out the latest #Rooted podcast, where @bethredman & @PippaGumbel share their #LC15 highlights: