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Wed 26 Aug 15 | 5:05PM
As part of our vision at HTB we want to see the transformation of society. One of the ways of doing that is to begin with passionate emerging leaders in our communities. I sat down with Pete Wynter from HTB’s Leadership College London to hear more of what it’s all about.    What is HTB's Leadership College London? Pete: The Leadership College London Course is...

Fri 28 Aug 15 | 5:05PM


‘The practical advice given on the Money Course makes so much sense – the course has been invaluable.’ Sign up today:

Fri 28 Aug 15 | 8:08AM


Throughout trials in our lives God is faithful. #psalmseries #thissunday #htbchurch

Thu 27 Aug 15 | 6:06PM


'If you lead people well they will thrive.’ Read about HTB's #Leadership #College in our interview with @PeteWynter.