Focus 2016 Tent Talks

Thu 28 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Renewal of your Mind - Communing or Consuming? Church & The Eucharist

In this session, Jane Williams explores the meal that all Christians throughout the world share. The meal speaks of past &...

Jane Williams
Thu 28 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

Sharpen your Life skills - Silver linings: Finding Hope in Suffering

Find riches in times of suffering and find peace when prayers appear unanswered.

Will van der Hart
Thu 28 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Creative Life - Releasing Creativity

A gathering for musicians, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to explore God's plan to renew the culture.

Al Gordon & Special Guests
Thu 28 Jul 16 | 2:00PM

Entrepreneurs with a Purpose | Tom Jackson and David Gardner

How we can make a better impact in the world through our work? Engage with examples of businesses that are already impacting lives in the...

Tom Jackson
Thu 28 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Living with Confidence - Confident of Glory

Confidence is key. We all long for more of it. But what is the secret to growing in confidence? True confidence is not just about being sure in your skill-set...

Jago Wynne
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Raising a Ready Generation

Mobilising and equipping the emerging generation to lead well in every sphere of society is mission critical for the church if it’s to avoid extinction. But how can we...

Pete Wynter
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Exploring the Remarkable call of God

How do you discern God’s call on your life? Listen to some of the great principles of learning to recognise God’s voice, and focus on how you can tell if God...

Bishop Graham Tomlin & Martin Breadmore
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Creative Life - Unlocking your Creative History today

We are all creative. Every one of us is made in the image of a creator God and will have enjoyed some expression of creativity in our past...

Charlie Mackesy & Will Van der Hart
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Renewal of your Mind - Forgetting God? Faithfulness & Dementia

In this session, Rob Merchant unpacks a theological understanding of Dementia and the role of the community of faith.

Rob Merchant
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Sharpen your Life skills - I am who He says I am: Forging identity in adversity

Know who you are in Christ and live strong through life’s tough times.

Beth Redman
Tue 26 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Know Your Why

All of us will at some time ask the question, ‘Why am I here?’. Some of us ask it almost every day! This Tent Talk is aimed to help you find and fulfil God’s calling on your life...

Ken Costa
Tue 26 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

No Child Left Behind

Just as Mission Control had to think quickly and creatively when the Apollo 13 space mission had a catastrophic technical failure, so we need fresh ideas to help the thousands...

Dr Krish Kandiah