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Sun 22 Apr 12 | 9:30AM

Guest Speaker Jay Pathak

Guest speaker Jay Pathak shares his own story of coming to faith at HTB.
Jay Pathak
Fri 20 May 11 | 3:00PM

Vision to Action

From Vision to Action talk given by Tricia Neill at the Leadership Conference 2011.
Tricia Neill
Mon 13 May 13 | 7:30PM

Nicky Gumbel | Leadership Conference 2013 | Vision Talk | Main Session

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB & Pioneer of Alpha, speaks about spiritual and emotional health, based on 1 Timothy 4, at the 2013 Leadership...
Nicky Gumbel
Tue 15 May 12 | 4:00PM

A Vision for Worship and Prayer

Pete Greig (Director of Prayer at HTB and Alpha International and a founding champion of the 24-7 prayer movement) and Luke Hellebronth (HTB worship leader) lead a seminar...
Pete Greig
Sun 27 Oct 13 | 10:00AM

Disciples: Called to Be Fishers of Men

Continuing our series on calling, Pat looks at Jesus' call of the disciples in Matthew 4; the call to become fishers of men.
Pat Allerton
Mon 04 May 15 | 3:30PM

Nicky Gumbel Interviews Paul Swale and Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Father Raniero Cantalamessa describes his experience of preaching to the Pope and teaches how we can deepen our relationship with...

Nicky Gumbel and Father Raniero Cantalamessa
Sun 01 Mar 15 | 12:00AM

Leadership Conference | 2015

Come and learn from some of the world’s most inspiring and influential leaders: Joyce Meyer, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, Robert Madu and many more, live in person...

Sun 22 Jan 12 | 6:30PM

Julia Immonen Interview

World record holder Julia Immonen talks to Nicky Gumbel days after she completed her row across the Atlantic, and speaks about 'Row For Freedom' against slavery and the change Jesus...
Julia Immonen