Acts 2

Sun 20 May 18 | 10:30AM

How To Recharge Your Spiritual Batteries | Toby Flint

'The experience of the Holy Spirit is not about just you. It's something that we experience together, as we gather together... As we gather together...

Toby Flint
Sun 09 Jul 17 | 6:30PM

Acts: Ruined For Anything Less | Pete Wynter

'The power of God falls upon the disciples in the way that they have never encountered before. They were ruined for anything less.'


Pete Wynter
Sun 09 Jul 17 | 11:30AM

Acts: How to Be Bold | Stephen Foster

'Most of us want our lives to make an impact. We want to make a difference. We don't just want to tread water or go through the motions... But so often what gets...

Stephen Foster