Sun 15 Apr 18 | 6:00PM

How To Be Truly Alive | Rachael Wooldridge

‘Following Jesus is a first-hand, life-long experience of what it means to be truly alive.’
Rachael continues our Ephesians series...

Rachael Wooldridge
Sun 08 Apr 18 | 4:00PM

Who Do You Say You Are | Suzie King

'We're always asking the question: how do I live, who am I becoming? And this question of great importance to us.'

Suzie King starts our Ephesians...

Suzie King
Sun 08 Apr 18 | 10:30AM

Living in God's Blessing | Rich Atkinson

'We live in God's blessing by fully embracing that we are adopted.'

Rich Atkinson starts our Ephesians series looking at how to live in God's...

Rich Atkinson
Sun 23 Feb 14 | 6:30PM

The Question

What is the question we need to ask every day? In this talk based on Ephesians 5, Dan explains how to ask God, 'What is the wise thing for me to do?'
Dan Millest
Sun 08 Sep 13 | 11:30AM

The Drama of Destiny

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB, speaks about how we are a masterpiece, and the destiny and purpose that we have in our lives, based on Ephesians 2.
Nicky Gumbel
Sun 30 Sep 12 | 10:00AM

Tim Matthews 9.00 HTB OS

In this sermon based on Ephesians 4, Tim Matthews speaks on living a life of humility and generosity.
Tim Matthews
Sun 11 Mar 12 | 7:00PM

Conflict Revolutions

HTB Curate Jago Wynne continues our series on relationships by talking about conflict, based on Genesis 2.
Jago Wynne
Sun 09 Oct 11 | 7:00PM

Making Life Work

HTB Church Warden Ken Costa talks about to combine your faith with your work life, based on Ephesians 4.
Ken Costa