Sun 27 Jan 13 | 7:00PM

Drop the Grain

HTB Associate Vicar Miles Toulmin begins a new series on discipleship, based on John 12.
Miles Toulmin
Sun 23 Dec 12 | 9:30AM

Are You the One to Come?

Who was John the Baptist? Tim examines John's role in identifying Jesus as the Saviour in this talk based on John 1.

Tim Matthews
Sun 29 Jul 12 | 6:00PM

Emotional Healing: Pick Up

Tim Matthews talks about emotional healing in this sermon based on John 5:1.
Tim Matthews
Sun 22 Jul 12 | 8:30PM

Father Raniero Cantalamessa Sunday AM

In this sermon based on John, Father Raniero Cantalamessa speaks on the identity of God as Father and how misperceptions of God pervade contemporary culture.
Father Raniero Cantalamessa
Sun 15 Jul 12 | 12:30PM


HTB Associate Vicar Miles Toulmin talks about being expectant of a God who is able to do immeasurably more, based on John 6.
Miles Toulmin
Mon 14 May 12 | 4:00PM

Judah Smith Seminar

Judah Smith of City Church, Seattle leads a seminar on leadership, based on John 3:16.
Judah Smith
Sun 15 Apr 12 | 7:00PM

Mining for Gold: Discipline of Humility

HTB Curate Chris Lee speaks about the spiritual treasure found in humility in this sermon based on John 13.
Chris Lee
Sun 26 Feb 12 | 7:00PM

For You, For Them Forgiveness

In this sermon based on John 8, HTB curate Jamie Haith speaks about the importance of forgiveness in relationships.
Jamie Haith
Sun 15 Jan 12 | 9:00AM

Why Do I Need to Bother About God?

Using John 3, Theologian Michael Ramsden expounds on the question, 'I'm happy with my life as I am. Why do I need to bother about God?'

Michael Ramsden
Sun 29 May 11 | 10:00AM

Experiencing the Father's Love

David Walker talks about experiencing the Fathers love, as referenced in John.
David Walker
Sun 22 May 11 | 11:00AM

What's in a Name

Jo Davies talks about the power of transformation and change in a life filled with the Holy Spirit, as found in the book of John.
Jo Davies
Sun 15 May 11 | 11:00AM

From Sorrow to Joy

Paul Cowley talks about the lessons we can learn about sorrow and joy from Jesus' resurrection, as written in John.
Paul Cowley