Sun 01 Apr 18 | 7:00PM

The Life-Changing Truth of the Resurrection | Martyn Layzell

'Today is the day we celebrate the truth, the historical fact that Jesus is alive.'

On Easter Sunday, Martyn Layzell speaks...

Martyn Layzell
Sun 26 Mar 17 | 11:30AM

The Gospel of Mark Part Seven: What does greatness look like? | Katherine Chow

'The path to greatness is downwards, not upwards.' Katherine Chow gives the seventh talk in our series on The Gospel...

Katherine Chow
Sun 19 Mar 17 | 11:30AM

The Gospel of Mark Part Six: A Fearless Church | Nicky Gumbel

'Do not be afraid' is a term that appears over a hundred times in the Bible. Why? Because Jesus is alive. Nicky Gumbel speaks on...

Nicky Gumbel
Sun 12 Feb 17 | 7:00PM

Gospel of Mark Part One | Ed Hodges

'We have this invitation: to find our identity in Jesus.'

Watch HTB's Ed Hodges kick off our new Sunday series on the Gospel of Mark.

Ed Hodges
Sun 20 Apr 14 | 10:00AM

Easter Sunday

On this special day in the church calendar, Ed takes us through the resurrection Sunday account in Mark 16.
Ed Hodges
Fri 18 Apr 14 | 11:00AM

Strange Kingdom: Forsaken [2/6]

‘A king who dies on the cross must be the king of a rather strange kingdom.’ Bonhoeffer. Explore the strangeness of the Kingdom of God through this 7 pt. series...

Ken Costa
Sun 13 Apr 14 | 3:00PM

The Way: Discernment – Palm Sunday

Graham looks at the story of Jesus approaching Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, told in Mark 11.
Graham Tomlin
Sun 13 Apr 14 | 11:30AM

The Way: Priest and King

On Palm Sunday, Dan unpacks the story of Jesus approaching Jerusalem, told in Mark 11.
Dan Millest
Sun 06 Apr 14 | 10:00AM

The Way: Passion

Jane explores what it means to have Godly passion, in the light of the account in Mark 14 of the woman with the alabaster jar.
Jane Williams
Sun 30 Mar 14 | 7:00PM

The Way: Humility

Our series on 'The Way' continues with Jonny Hughes' sermon based on Mark 10, unpacking the humility of the cross and the importance of giving ourselves away.
Jonny Hughes
Sun 23 Mar 14 | 7:00PM

The Way: Contentment

The first in our series, 'The Way', where we consider Jesus' journey to the cross. Toby looks at how Jesus tells us to enter the Kingdom of God, based on Mark 10.

Toby Flint
Sun 23 Mar 14 | 11:30AM

The Way: Contentment

Based on Mark 10, Paul asks how we can find contmentment at this time of Lent, as we look toward Easter.
Paul Ferguson