Colossians: Grow Your Faith

Sun 29 Oct 17 | 11:30AM

Live The Life That's Already Yours | Sam Follett

‘We have this new life in Christ. Now do you want to continue to live in your old ways, or do you want to step into the life that's already yours?’


Sam Follett
Sun 15 Oct 17 | 11:30AM

The Key To Confidence | Stephen Foster

'One of the key questions in life is this: in who or what do you anchor your confidence?'

Stephen Foster continues our Colossians series, looking...

Stephen Foster
Sun 08 Oct 17 | 5:00PM

How To Thrive In Your Life | Martyn Layzell

‘Live a life that brings pleasure to God. That’s how we can truly thrive.’

Martyn Layzell launches our series looking at the book of...

Martin Layzell