Sunday Talk

Sun 31 Jul 11 | 11:30AM

Family Drama – Given a Little God Can Do A Lot

Nicky Lee leads a family drama at the family services.
Nicky Lee
Sun 24 Jul 11 | 11:30AM

Am I Missing Out?

Toby Flint speaks on how we can discern God's will for our lives.
Toby Flint
Wed 20 Jul 11 | 12:30PM

Pentecost 2011: Highlights

Pentecost 2011 Celebration at the O2 arena. HTB joins with Hillsong and Jesus House for a great celebration
Pat Allerton
Sun 17 Jul 11 | 11:30AM

Who Was This Man?

John Ortberg talks about the historical relevance of Jesus and how he has influenced almost every facet of our lives 2000 years later.
John Ortberg
Sun 10 Jul 11 | 7:00PM

Encounters With Jesus: What's Holding You Back?

Tim Hughes of Worship Central continues our series on Peter’s encounters with Jesus in the gospel of Matthew.
Tim Hughes
Sun 03 Jul 11 | 7:00PM

Encounters With Jesus: Banking on Forgiveness

Toby Flint continues our current series on Matthew, speaking on forgiveness and how forgiven people forgive.
Toby Flint
Sun 26 Jun 11 | 11:30AM

Encounters With Jesus - Peter

Peter was an extraordinary believer who became a bystander for a moment. Can we learn from our mistakes? 

Ken Costa
Sun 19 Jun 11 | 11:45AM

Encounters With Jesus: A Transforming View

Miles Toulmin continues our series on Matthew, showing how to apply what Peter learned at the transfiguration to your lives.
Miles Toulmin
Sun 12 Jun 11 | 11:30AM

Pentecost Sunday Guest Speaker: Eleanor Mumford

Special guest speaker at HTB, Eleanor Mumford, speaks on the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
Eleanor Mumford
Sun 29 May 11 | 10:00AM

Experiencing the Father's Love

David Walker talks about experiencing the Fathers love, as referenced in John.
David Walker
Sun 22 May 11 | 11:30AM

The Heart of the Matter

Bill Cahusac talks about heart transformation in this sermon based on Matthew 10.
Bill Cahusac
Sun 22 May 11 | 11:00AM

What's in a Name

Jo Davies talks about the power of transformation and change in a life filled with the Holy Spirit, as found in the book of John.
Jo Davies