Dan Millest

Sun 13 Apr 14 | 11:30AM

The Way: Priest and King

On Palm Sunday, Dan unpacks the story of Jesus approaching Jerusalem, told in Mark 11.
Dan Millest
Sun 23 Feb 14 | 6:30PM

The Question

What is the question we need to ask every day? In this talk based on Ephesians 5, Dan explains how to ask God, 'What is the wise thing for me to do?'
Dan Millest
Sun 02 Feb 14 | 11:30AM

The Jesus Letters Part 2

What does Jesus think about HTB? This week, Dan Millest look at what it means to be holy, based on Revelation 2.
Dan Millest
Sun 17 Feb 13 | 5:00PM

Good Nutrition

Ordinand Dan Millest continues the series on 'Spiritual Fitness', in this sermon based on Matthew 4.
Dan Millest