Ian Dyble

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Made for More?

Ever felt that you weren’t quite hitting the mark? Does it seem that life isn’t all that you’d hoped it would be? Do you dream of more? Former HTB curate, Ian Dyble, Priest in...

Ian Dyble
Tue 30 Jul 13 | 2:30PM

Is God Just?: God's Church – Just Community?

What on earth is church really on earth for?
Ian Dyble, Church Life
Wed 25 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

Knowing Christ

How can we make the most of our lives for Christ? Looking at the book of Philippians, each session offers in-depth, well-applied Bible teaching which help us to answer this question for ourselves.
Ian Dyble
Sun 22 Jul 12 | 10:00AM

Running the Race

HTB Curate Ian Dyble speaks about running the race of faith, based on Hebrews 12.
Ian Dyble
Sun 08 Jul 12 | 12:30PM

Jesus Uncut: The Connection (Morning)

HTB curate Ian Dyble talks about how to have a lively and connected prayer life, in this sermon based on Luke 11.
Ian Dyble
Sun 13 Nov 11 | 9:30AM

Remembrance Sunday Service

HTB Curate Ian Dyble speaks on Peace on Remembrance Sunday.
Ian Dyble
Sun 09 Oct 11 | 11:30AM

A Crateful of Grateful: Family Drama

HTB Curates Jamie Haith and Ian Dyble lead a family drama at the Harvest Festival.
Ian Dyble, Jamie Haith
Wed 27 Jul 11 | 2:30PM

GAT: Sofa Time

A great way to learn more about all the work Global Alpha Training does and the difference it makes.
Ian Dyble
Fri 10 Jun 11 | 2:00PM

International Week: Practicalities of The Marriage Course

Ian and Jo Dyble discuss marriage in this talk during International Week.
Ian Dyble
Wed 11 May 11 | 1:00PM

Recognising the Lord

Ian Dyble delivers a talk about recognising Jesus, the good shepherd, as referenced in John.
Ian Dyble