Jago Wynne

Thu 28 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Living with Confidence - Confident of Glory

Confidence is key. We all long for more of it. But what is the secret to growing in confidence? True confidence is not just about being sure in your skill-set...

Jago Wynne
Sun 28 Jul 13 | 2:30PM

Is God Just?: God's Creation – Just Curses?

Why did God create us (Genesis 1–2) only to make us and this world out of kilter with its Creator (Genesis 3)?
Jago Wynne
Thu 26 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

How to Build Romantic Relationships

The Song of Songs is a rich source of wisdom on how to build healthy, Godly relationships, as single people and in marriage. We look at different aspects of how...

Jago Wynne
Mon 23 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

Exalting Christ

How can we make the most of our lives for Christ? Looking at the book of Philippians, each session offers in-depth, well-applied Bible teaching which help us to answer this question for...
Jago Wynne
Sun 24 Jun 12 | 10:30AM

Jesus Uncut: The Compassion (Morning)

HTB curate Jago Wynne talks about the compassion of Jesus, based on Luke 10.
Jago Wynne
Tue 05 Jun 12 | 10:30AM

True Romance

HTB Curate Jago Wynne speaks on the Song of Songs and marriage.

Jago Wynne
Sun 08 Apr 12 | 6:00PM

Easter: The Birthday of Hope

HTB Curate Jago Wynne delivers the talk on Easter Sunday at HTB Brompton Road.
Jago Wynne
Sun 11 Mar 12 | 7:00PM

Conflict Revolutions

HTB Curate Jago Wynne continues our series on relationships by talking about conflict, based on Genesis 2.
Jago Wynne
Fri 25 Nov 11 | 12:00AM

God at Work: Session 5 – Failure, Disappointment and Hope

Jago Wynne talks about failure, disappointment and hope in session 5 of the God at Work course.
Jago Wynne
Sun 30 Oct 11 | 11:30AM

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

HTB Curate Jago Wynne gives a talk on the importance of Joy, based on Galations 5:22.
Jago Wynne
Sun 14 Aug 11 | 11:30AM

Heroes of the Faith: David

HTB Curate Jago Wynne continues our series of Heroes of the Faith and looks at King David, based on Psalm 51.
Jago Wynne
Wed 27 Jul 11 | 12:00PM

Awakening to Spirituality: Jago Wynne

This stream will consider how we might awaken ourselves to a spirituality that is at the heart of Christian life and the difference hat this makes for us and the world.
Jago Wynne