Jamie Haith

Sun 22 Jul 12 | 9:30AM

Sunday Family Drama

HTB Curate Jamie Haith leads his last Family Drama, 'Joy Story' at Focus.
Jamie Haith
Sun 01 Jul 12 | 12:30PM


In this sermon based on Luke 15, HTB curate Jamie Haith talks about the prodigal coming home, and how 'Home' is found in God.
Jamie Haith
Mon 14 May 12 | 4:00PM

Leading and Developing Alpha

Jamie Haith, Bonnie Yule-Kuehne and Louise Stannard speak about the ins and outs of how to run and develop Alpha in your church or community.

Jamie Haith, Bonnie Yule-Kuehne, Louise Stannard
Sun 08 Apr 12 | 12:30PM

Easter Sunday Family Drama

Easter Sunday Family Drama from HTB Brompton Road.
Jamie Haith, Various
Wed 21 Mar 12 | 7:30PM

Alpha Session 9: Does God Heal Today?

HTB Curate Jamie Haith delivers the talk from session nine of Alpha, 'Does God Heal Today?'.

Jamie Haith
Sun 18 Mar 12 | 11:30AM

Mothers' Day Family Drama

Kermit the Frog makes a welcome appearance in our Mothers' Day family drama.
Jamie Haith, Various
Sun 26 Feb 12 | 7:00PM

For You, For Them Forgiveness

In this sermon based on John 8, HTB curate Jamie Haith speaks about the importance of forgiveness in relationships.
Jamie Haith
Wed 15 Feb 12 | 7:30PM

Alpha Session 4: How Can We Have Faith?

Jamie Haith delivers the talk on week 4 of the Alpha Spring Term 2012, 'How Can We Have Faith?'

Jamie Haith
Sun 09 Oct 11 | 11:30AM

A Crateful of Grateful: Family Drama

HTB Curates Jamie Haith and Ian Dyble lead a family drama at the Harvest Festival.
Ian Dyble, Jamie Haith
Sun 02 Oct 11 | 11:30AM

There's No Place Like Hope

HTB Curate Jamie Haith delivers a talk on the importance of hope, based on Romans 15:13.
Jamie Haith
Tue 07 Jun 11 | 10:00AM

International Week: Great Small Groups – The Heart of Alpha (Part 2)

A talk by Jamie Haith at International Week on how to run a great Alpha small group.
Jamie Haith