Jonny Gumbel

Fri 14 Apr 17 | 6:30PM

Good Friday Reflection | Jonny Gumbel

'Good Friday is a beautiful opportunity... to make space to focus on the final hours of Jesus' life that changes everything for us.'

Jonny Gumbel...

Jonny Gumbel
Sun 24 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Living with Confidence - Confident in your identity

Confidence is key. We all long for more of it. But what is the secret to growing in confidence? True confidence is not just about being sure in...

Jonny Gumbel
Sun 12 Jun 16 | 11:30AM

Shine Like Stars | Jonny Gumbel

Jonny Gumbel looks at the call for each of us to shine brightly for God wherever he has placed us.

Jonny Gumbel
Tue 24 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

Imitating Christ

How can we make the most of our lives for Christ? Looking at the book of Philippians, each session offers in-depth, well-applied Bible teaching which help us to answer this question for...
Jonny Gumbel