Ken Costa

Sun 25 Mar 18 | 5:00PM

Cross Of Courage | Ken Costa

'What the world most needs we have: the love of God.'

Ken Costa continues our Luke series, looking at how we - the hopeful minority, the people...

Ken Costa
Sun 03 Dec 17 | 11:30AM

Know Your Who | Ken Costa

'Before I look at my purpose in life I need to work out who I am.'

At the start of our Advent series, Ken Costa examines John 1, asking where we draw our...

Ken Costa
Sun 16 Jul 17 | 9:30AM

Release Your Core Story | Ken Costa

'My core story and your core story are joined together in the greatest story ever told - the story of Jesus Christ.'

Ken Costa explores the core...

Ken Costa
Sun 02 Apr 17 | 11:30AM

The Gospel of Luke Part One: A Strange Kingdom | Ken Costa

'Servant leaders are not grasping but are giving, not commanding but consulting, not controlling but cooperating.'

Ken Costa...

Ken Costa
Sun 27 Nov 16 | 11:30AM

Know Your Why | Ken Costa

Ken Costa speaks from his new book, 'Know Your Why', on the subject of finding and fulfilling your calling in life.

Please note: We are unable to show...

Ken Costa
Tue 26 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Know Your Why

All of us will at some time ask the question, ‘Why am I here?’. Some of us ask it almost every day! This Tent Talk is aimed to help you find and fulfil God’s calling on your life...

Ken Costa
Sun 17 Jul 16 | 11:30AM

Who can make the halves whole? | Ken Costa

Fault lines exist at the centre of our heart and within the fabric of our country. But, there must be a change in this narrative of conflict and misunderstanding...

Ken Costa
Sun 20 Mar 16 | 11:30AM

The Premises of the World and the Promises of the Word | Ken Costa

We have a choice: live by the premises of the world or the promises of God. Ken Costa challenges us to choose the wisdom of the...

Ken Costa
Sun 11 Oct 15 | 5:00PM

You Can't Give What You Haven't Got

A transformed individual transforms a community. An impacted community impacts a country. Get rooted and plug in. 

Ken Costa
Wed 29 Jul 15 | 7:45PM

Get Confident: Focus Evening Celebration 2015

Like Gideon, you might retreat to a cave because of social Medianites surrounding you. But do you CaveIn or CaveOut? It is time to win back confidence...

Ken Costa
Sun 24 May 15 | 11:30AM

Expect the Expected: Staying Alive [2/2]

Jesus wants us to enjoy our lives – to be in the full flow of the Spirit and to flourish. See what it is like to stay alive. 

Ken Costa
Sun 17 May 15 | 11:30AM

Expect the Expected: Come Alive [1/2]

Tell your dry bones to live. Tell the left-overs of yesterday’s disappointment that God is in control. Come alive, be distinctive and flourish. 

Ken Costa