Nicky Lee

Sun 02 Jul 17 | 5:00PM

Acts: New Vision | Nicky Lee

'Jesus will use us as witnesses not because we have all the answers, but because we have His love — His Spirit — in us.'

Nicky Lee begins our new series...

Nicky Lee
Sun 05 Mar 17 | 11:30AM

Gospel of Mark Part Four: What does it mean to be a disciple? | Nicky Lee

HTB's Nicky Lee continues our series on the Gospel of Mark with a study of chapter three, focusing on three words that...

Nicky Lee
Sun 09 Oct 16 | 11:30AM

The Two Most Important Questions in Life | Nicky Lee

John answers these questions with the story of all stories. His prologue to the story (John 1:1-18) shows us where to find purpose, confidence...

Nicky Lee
Sun 26 Jun 16 | 4:30AM

How to Build Strong Relationships in a Time of Uncertainty | Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee explores how to build strong relationships in our lives even in the face of uncertainty. 

Nicky Lee
Sun 08 May 16 | 4:30PM

Where is Jesus now? | Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee explores the ascension of Jesus and unpacks what it means for our lives. 

Nicky Lee
Sun 24 Jan 16 | 11:30AM

Join the Conversation | Nicky Lee

Why is prayer important? Nicky Lee shares how we are never alone in life through continual conversations with God.

Nicky Lee
Sun 18 Oct 15 | 4:30PM

Transform through Leadership | Nicky Lee

Leading well isn't limited to one aspect of our lives. Nicky Lee explains the need to be a leader in everything we do.

Nicky Lee
Sun 28 Jun 15 | 6:30PM

The Power of Hospitality | Nicky Lee

Through love and generosity we build relationships. Nicky Lee unpacks what it means to be hospitable in today's world.

Nicky Lee
Sun 01 Mar 15 | 5:00PM

Radical Community: A Holy Priesthood | Nicky Lee

Associate Vicar, Nicky Lee, continues our Radical Community Series with Part 3, explaining what it means for us to live as 'A Holy Priesthood.'

Nicky Lee
Sun 30 Nov 14 | 5:00PM

What We Know: Part 5

Nicky Lee continues the What We Know series with Part 5 – John 1: Dealing with Fear.

Nicky Lee
Thu 31 Jul 14 | 10:15AM

Marriage: Connection and Commitment

Why does God’s design and desire for marriage really matter? How can we stay closely connected and fully committed as a couple in the midst of busy, pressured...

Nicky Lee, Sila Lee
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 10:15AM

Parenting Children Aged 10 and Under

How do we stay in control of ourselves? How do we keep going? How do we build our child(ren)’s character? How do we help them grow spiritually? How do we build...

Nicky Lee, Sila Lee