Paul Ferguson

Wed 17 Aug 16 | 7:30PM

Rest is a weapon | Paul Ferguson

Spiritual authority is bestowed from rest.

Paul Ferguson
Sun 14 Aug 16 | 11:30AM

How to discover your worth

Paul Ferguson looks at how discovering God's worth is the key to discovering your worth, with reference to Psalm 103.

Paul Ferguson
Sun 15 Mar 15 | 10:30AM

Radical Community: An Inner Beauty | Paul Ferguson | Audio

'Submission is not subservience, it is a very special love for a very powerful purpose,’ – Paul Ferguson explores 1 Peter with 'An...

Paul Ferguson
Sun 23 Mar 14 | 11:30AM

The Way: Contentment

Based on Mark 10, Paul asks how we can find contmentment at this time of Lent, as we look toward Easter.
Paul Ferguson
Sun 26 Jan 14 | 10:00AM

A Call to Holiness

Paul looks at two of the letters to the church in Revelation, digging into the issue of holiness.
Paul Ferguson
Sun 29 Dec 13 | 10:00AM

Be Wise: Learning from the Magi

Paul takes a look at the account of the Magi in Matthew 2, and discusses how the message of the incarnation will stay with us even after Christmas is over.
Paul Ferguson
Sun 29 Sep 13 | 10:00AM

It's an Inside Job

HTB curate Paul Ferguson talks about the Holy Spirit, based on John 14.
Paul Ferguson
Sun 18 Aug 13 | 10:00AM

Hosea 6–7

HTB curate Paul Ferguson continues our series in the book of Hosea, and speaks about the character of God.
Paul Ferguson
Sun 30 Jun 13 | 10:00AM

Normal Christian Life: Forgiveness

HTB ordinand Paul Ferguson concludes our series on the book of John, looking at forgiveness.
Paul Ferguson