Pete Greig

Sun 06 Jan 13 | 9:30AM

New Year's Resolution

HTB Prayer Director Pete Greig gives the first talk of 2013, based on Isaiah 62, and shares some stories of answered prayer from 2012.
Pete Greig
Sun 09 Dec 12 | 5:30PM

Carols By Candlelight: Pete Greig

Pete speaks about belief, unbelief and being somewhere in between.
Pete Greig
Sun 02 Sep 12 | 12:30PM

Outrageous Faith

In this sermon based on Hebrews 11, Pete Greig talks about outrageous faith.
Pete Greig
Thu 23 Aug 12 | 8:30PM

Pete Greig Thursday PM

HTB Director of Prayer, Pete Greig, speaks on Isaiah 43, living a new life with a new love for Christ.
Pete Greig
Tue 15 May 12 | 4:00PM

A Vision for Worship and Prayer

Pete Greig (Director of Prayer at HTB and Alpha International and a founding champion of the 24-7 prayer movement) and Luke Hellebronth (HTB worship leader) lead a seminar...
Pete Greig, Luke Hellebronth
Wed 29 Feb 12 | 7:00PM

Alpha Session 6: Why and How Do I Pray?

HTB Director of Prayer Pete Greig delivers a talk on session 6 of the Alpha Spring term 2012 on the topic, 'Why and How Do I Pray?'

Pete Greig
Tue 02 Aug 11 | 12:00AM

Loving Sacrificially in Our Community

This stream looks at the different aspects of our lives that we want to see in God’s kingdom.
Pete Greig
Thu 28 Jul 11 | 7:45PM

Going Home with Jesus

Peter Greig shares some practical tips on how to go home and share the transformational power of Jesus through what has happened at Focus 2011, as well as growing our spiritual lives...
Pete Greig
Thu 09 Jun 11 | 11:45AM

International Week: A Time to Receive

An International Week talk by Pete Greig on receiving from God.
Pete Greig
Wed 08 Jun 11 | 5:00PM

International Week: Launch of 2012 Year of Prayer

Calling the nation to prayer through 2012 as we host the Olympics. It's all about mission, justice and the transformation of society - about the church...
Pete Greig
Tue 07 Jun 11 | 2:00PM

International Week: Speaker School

Alpha International Week talk by Pete Greig on how to improve confidence in public speaking.
Pete Greig
Thu 10 Feb 11 | 12:00AM

Getting the Church Praying

Pete Greig talks about getting churches to pray at Leadership Conference 2011.
Pete Greig