Pete Wynter

Sun 05 Nov 17 | 9:00AM

Break The Rules | Pete Wynter

'Are you looking for rules or are you looking for relationship?' Pete Wynter starts our new Sunday 'Life Well Lived' series, looking at Luke 6.

Pete Wynter
Sun 20 Aug 17 | 11:30AM

Psalms: The Revival Cycle | Pete Wynter

'God is intent on growing us in character because He wants us to be a church ready for revival.’

Watch Pete Wynter’s Sunday talk on ‘The...

Pete Wynter
Sun 09 Jul 17 | 6:30PM

Acts: Ruined For Anything Less | Pete Wynter

'The power of God falls upon the disciples in the way that they have never encountered before. They were ruined for anything less.'


Pete Wynter
Sun 26 Feb 17 | 11:30AM

Gospel of Mark Part Three: How to experience breakthrough | Pete Wynter

We all need breakthrough somewhere in our lives - from family to finances, relationships to addictions. Pete Wynter delivers...

Pete Wynter
Sun 16 Oct 16 | 11:30AM

From Darkness into Light | Pete Wynter

Pete Wynter explores two powerful images that John portrays in the third chapter of his gospel. Is your spirit fully alive?

Pete Wynter
Wed 27 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Raising a Ready Generation

Mobilising and equipping the emerging generation to lead well in every sphere of society is mission critical for the church if it’s to avoid extinction. But how can we...

Pete Wynter
Sun 19 Jun 16 | 11:30AM

It's All About Relationship | Pete Wynter

Pete Wynter continues our series on Philippians by looking at Paul’s insights into key relationships in his life and how it teaches us what it looks like...

Pete Wynter
Sun 17 Apr 16 | 6:30PM

Do You Love Me? | Pete Wynter

Pete Wynter creatively explores this compelling question at the heart of a crucial conversation in John's Gospel.

Pete Wynter
Wed 09 Mar 16 | 7:00PM

How Can I Resist Evil? | Pete Wynter

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

Pete Wynter
Sun 06 Dec 15 | 11:30AM

Nothing is Impossible for God | Pete Wynter

What does it mean to have the Lord’s favour? Pete Wynter explores what it means to live without fear and put our trust in God.

Pete Wynter
Sun 18 Oct 15 | 11:30AM

Empowered in Leadership | Pete Wynter

What makes a great leader? Pete Wynter describes what it takes to lead well through Christ.

Pete Wynter
Sun 12 Jul 15 | 11:30AM

Choosing Well | Pete Wynter

We each have a choice of what we will do with what we've been given. Pete Wynter unpacks what it means to live life like Christ in today's world.

Pete Wynter