Simon Guillebaud

Sun 03 Jan 16 | 9:30AM

Be A Living Sacrifice | Simon Guillebaud

How can we live out our lives for God? Author and Entrepreneur  Simon Guillebaud encourages us to live urgently and give unreservedly and be transformed...

Simon Guillebaud
Mon 27 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

The Adventure of Calling

Confused about where your life is going and what God wants you to do? Do you want the adventure of living or the safety of existing? We look at principles to maximise...

Simon Guillebaud
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

Half-Time and Finishing Strong

Success or significance? Feel like you’re coasting in self-indulgence to the grave or are you maximising your God-given talents all the way? Are circumstances dictating...

Simon Guillebaud
Mon 23 Jul 12 | 5:00PM

Radical Living

Christians face different challenges all over the world as well as in the UK. Here some of those people who have experienced these hardships firsthand share their stories.
Simon Guillebaud
Wed 27 Jul 11 | 4:00PM

Awakening Mission: Turning Vision into Reality

A chance to hear from people who work around the world combating poverty, injustice, and disaster.
Simon Guillebaud