Toby Flint

Wed 22 Oct 14 | 7:00PM

Why Did Jesus Die?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.


Toby Flint
Wed 21 May 14 | 7:00PM

Week 3 – Why Did Jesus Die?

Toby explains the significance and meaning of Jesus' death on the cross.

Toby Flint
Sun 27 Apr 14 | 11:30AM

Alpha Sunday

Toby takes us through the famous incident in John 4 when Jesus meets with the woman at the well.
Toby Flint
Sun 23 Mar 14 | 7:00PM

The Way: Contentment

The first in our series, 'The Way', where we consider Jesus' journey to the cross. Toby looks at how Jesus tells us to enter the Kingdom of God, based on Mark 10.

Toby Flint
Sun 12 Jan 14 | 6:30AM

Good to Go

Toby takes us back through the Alpha vision statement, based on Matthew 28, and reminds us that we are ready to go.
Toby Flint
Sun 22 Sep 13 | 5:00PM

The Best is Yet to Come

HTB curate Toby Flint speaks about the evangelisation of the nations, a central part of HTB's vision, based on Luke 5.
Toby Flint
Mon 13 May 13 | 4:00PM

An Experiment in Contextualisation for the Next Generation | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

HTB curate Toby Flint leads an interactive session addressing our current culture and context, and how to...
Toby Flint, Tim May
Wed 13 Mar 13 | 7:00PM

HTB Alpha Session 9: Does God Heal Today?

HTB Curate Toby Flint give the ninth talk on Alpha, 'Does God Heal Today?'

Toby Flint
Wed 13 Feb 13 | 7:30PM

HTB Alpha Session 5: How and Why Should I Pray?

HTB Curate Toby Flint speaks on 'How and Why Should I Pray?' at HTB Alpha.

Toby Flint
Wed 30 Jan 13 | 7:30PM

HTB Alpha Session 3: Why Did Jesus Die?

HTB curate Toby Flint gives the third talk at Alpha on 'Why Did Jesus Die?'

Toby Flint
Sun 08 Jul 12 | 8:00PM

Jesus Uncut: The Connection (Evening)

In this sermon based on Luke 11, HTB curate Toby Flint talks about learning to pray and the gift of the Holy Spirit to those who ask.
Toby Flint