Confidence and Self-worth

Sun 15 Oct 17 | 11:30AM

The Key To Confidence | Stephen Foster

'One of the key questions in life is this: in who or what do you anchor your confidence?'

Stephen Foster continues our Colossians series, looking...

Stephen Foster
Sun 26 Jun 16 | 11:30AM

Your New Confidence | Toby Flint

Strengthen your core, Toby Flint explores how to have unshakeable confidence through Christ.

Toby Flint
Sun 26 Jun 16 | 4:30AM

How to Build Strong Relationships in a Time of Uncertainty | Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee explores how to build strong relationships in our lives even in the face of uncertainty. 

Nicky Lee
Sun 01 Feb 15 | 9:30AM

Favour of God | Nicky Gumbel

Nicky Gumbel speaks to us all about being filled with the Lord's favour. 

Nicky Gumbel
Tue 12 Aug 14 | 8:00AM

Women's Event | Danielle Strickland

International speaker, author and Salvation Army Officer Danielle Strickland speaks at the women's event at Focus 2014 on Psalm 68:11 – ‘The...

Danielle Strickland
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Navigating Expectations

Everyone lives under the weight of another’s expectations. What’s the difference between positive and negative expectations? How much of our drive to succeed is actually...

Will van der Hart
Sun 26 Aug 12 | 12:30PM

Outrageous Confidence

HTB Curate Pat Allerton speaks on living a life of confidence in Christ.
Pat Allerton
Sun 19 Aug 12 | 12:30PM

Outrageous Access

HTB Curate Chris Lee speaks on outrageous access in this sermon based on Hebrews 4.
Chris Lee