Sun 02 Oct 16 | 9:30AM

World Of Conflict, God Of Reconciliation | Michael Ramsden

As Michael travels around the world, governments, businesses, friends and congregations are all asking the same question: How do we bring...

Michael Ramsden
Wed 30 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

On the Far Side of Revenge

How to live with deep difference without recourse to violence is a profound political question for our world and a challenge to the moral imagination of our leaders. What...

David Porter
Sun 27 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

On the Frontlines of Faith and Freedom

Baroness Cox speaks on the spiritual privilege and hard reality of speaking up for the oppressed and serving those trapped behind closed borders.

Baroness Caroline Cox
Mon 13 May 13 | 4:00PM

Bishop Paul Williams | Leadership Conference 2013 | You Can't Always Be Certain But You Better Be Clear | Seminar

This seminar will explore how to give clear leadership when you’re encountering relentless...
Bishop Paul Williams
Sun 14 Apr 13 | 10:30AM

What About Violence in the Old Testament?

Graham Tomlin speaks on the topic of violence in the Old Testament.
Graham Tomlin
Sun 24 Mar 13 | 11:30AM

Guest Speaker: Baroness Cox

The Rt. Hon. Professor Baroness Cox, Founder of The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, is interviewed by HTB Vicar Nicky Gumbel.
Caroline Cox
Sun 11 Nov 12 | 6:00PM

Coming Home: Part 6

HTB Curate and WWT Director Paul Cowley speaks on Remembrance Sunday about conflict, based on Luke 6.
Paul Cowley
Sun 11 Nov 12 | 5:00PM

Ben Freeth Interview

Ben Freeth, author of 'Mugabe and the White African', is interviewed by Nicky Gumbel on Remembrance Sunday.
Ben Freeth
Sun 11 Mar 12 | 7:00PM

Conflict Revolutions

HTB Curate Jago Wynne continues our series on relationships by talking about conflict, based on Genesis 2.
Jago Wynne
Thu 28 Jul 11 | 12:00PM

Life Track: Is Christianity Violent?

The Life Track stream explores contemporary issues in order to equip you to think and live for Christ. In this seminar, Graham Tomlin asks the question, 'Is Christianity...
Graham Tomlin