Wed 30 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Navigating Failure and Disappointment

In an increasingly perfectionist culture, failure has become a cliff to fall off, not an experience to learn from. Despite all of us being touched by failures...

Will van der Hart
Sun 09 Dec 12 | 5:30PM

Carols By Candlelight: Pete Greig

Pete speaks about belief, unbelief and being somewhere in between.
Pete Greig
Sun 09 Dec 12 | 5:30PM

Carols By Candlelight: Nicky Gumbel

What can we do when we've lost hope? Nicky speaks about a hope that will not disappoint.
Nicky Gumbel
Thu 23 Aug 12 | 10:30AM

Jentezen Franklin Thursday AM

Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, speaks on feeling trapped and the freedom brought by Jesus, in this talk based on Exodus 14.
Jentezen Franklin
Mon 23 May 11 | 2:45PM

The Darkness is My Closest Friend

A short meditative video on Psalm 88