Human Trafficking

Sun 02 Mar 14 | 5:00PM

Gary Haugen Interview

Gary Haugen is the founder of the International Justice Mission. Nicky interviews him about IJM's work to provide justice for vulnerable people across the world.
Gary Haugen, Nicky Gumbel
Wed 25 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

Slavery and Human Trafficking in the UK

This stream looks at the opportunities that we, as the local church, have to bring transformation, hope and love to our community.
Paul Cowley
Sun 22 Jan 12 | 6:30PM

Julia Immonen Interview

World record holder Julia Immonen talks to Nicky Gumbel days after she completed her row across the Atlantic, and speaks about 'Row For Freedom' against slavery and the change Jesus...
Julia Immonen, Nicky Gumbel
Thu 28 Jul 11 | 10:45AM

Anti-Trafficking Interview with Henry Gumbel

Pippa Gumbel interviews her son Henry about his work with International Justice Mission.
Pippa Gumbel, Henry Gumbel