Sun 20 Nov 16 | 11:30AM

You Are Not On Your Own | Stephen Foster

When you face difficult decisions in life you can feel like you are on your own. Stephen Foster looks at who Jesus promises to send to help us to thrive.

Stephen Foster
Fri 29 Mar 13 | 11:00AM

Good Friday Meditation 2: Alone

Tom Greggs, Professor of Historical and Doctrinal Theology at the University of Aberdeen, gives the Good Friday Meditations, based on Mark 14.
Tom Greggs
Thu 26 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

The Age of Opportunity

This stream looks at the opportunities that we, as the local church, have to bring transformation, hope and love to our community.

Stu Wright, Rob Merchant
Sun 29 May 11 | 10:00AM

Experiencing the Father's Love

David Walker talks about experiencing the Fathers love, as referenced in John.
David Walker