Wed 31 Jul 13 | 4:00PM

Growing as a Leader: Developing Leadership Potential

Jesus invested in a few for the sake of many. How can we identify, train and equip people to lead for life?
Miles Toulmin
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Raising a Generation of Transformational Leaders | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Releasing and multiplying young leaders is a hallmark of growing churches and organisations. This session will...

Pete Wynter
Mon 13 May 13 | 4:00PM

Learning to Lead for Life | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

So much of life rises and falls on good leadership. This session will be unpacking the principles behind the new HTB Leadership College,...
Martyn Layzell, Miles Toulmin
Tue 29 May 12 | 11:42AM

Glyn Barrett Seminar

Audacious City Church pastor Glyn Barrett leads a seminar on raising up young leaders.
Glyn Barrett
Mon 14 May 12 | 5:00PM

Building a Leadership Culture

HTB Associate Vicar Miles Toulmin leads a discussion on how to build a leadership culture within church.
Miles Toulmin, Ric Thorpe
Mon 14 May 12 | 5:00PM

Mentoring: Nurturing Disciples and Growing Leaders

John Dunnett talks about the importance of mentoring in growing leaders.
John Dunnett
Thu 10 Feb 11 | 12:00AM

Building and Maintaining Teams

John Dunnett talks about building and maintaining teams at Leadership Conference 2011.
John Dunnett