Thu 30 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

On the Frontlines of Faith and Freedom

Come and hear Baroness Cox speak on the spiritual privilege and hard reality of speaking up for the oppressed and serving those trapped behind closed borders...

Baroness Caroline Cox
Wed 13 Aug 14 | 11:15AM

Interview with the Bishop of London

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB, interviews Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, at Focus 2014.

Richard Chartres
Wed 13 Aug 14 | 11:15AM

God is With Us

Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields and visiting Professor of Christian Ethics at Kings College London, reflects on the human desire to do things for others. Sam contrasts...

Sam Wells
Tue 12 Aug 14 | 7:45PM

Freedom in Christ

International speaker, author and Salvation Army Officer Danielle Strickland shares her experience of how Jesus transformed her life. Speaking on the transfiguration of Christ, Danielle...

Danielle Strickland
Thu 31 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

Theology of Social Transformation

Theology of Social Transformation – How does the Spirit transform the world?

Graham Tomlin
Thu 31 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Transforming the World – Mission Tomorrow

Where does it all end? An exploration into what the Bible says we are actually saved for.

Jo Bailey Wells
Wed 30 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

Prayer and the Poor

How can we make a difference by praying for the things that break the heart of God?

Pete Greig
Wed 30 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Transforming the World – Mission Today

What is the call to mission in our time? 

James Harding
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Transforming the World – Mission Yesterday

How has mission changed throughout history? What can we learn?

James Harding
Mon 28 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

The Church and Mental Health

How can we create a safe and welcoming space for those with mental health issues and help reduce stigma and shame?

Will van der Hart
Mon 28 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Transforming the World – To the Ends of the Earth

The First Christians: What mission looked like for the early church in the New Testament period.

Andy Emerton
Sun 27 Jul 14 | 4:00PM

What is the William Wilberforce Trust?

Paul Cowley speaks alongside Nigel Skelsey, Bruce Connell and Sheena Kumar. Introducing the work of the William Wilberforce...

Paul Cowley