Rest and Sabbath

Sun 15 Jan 17 | 11:30AM

Toby Flint | How do we deal with stress?

Many of us know that feeling of burnout, of feeling unable to make it through the week due to stress. Toby Flint looks at Matthew 11:28-30, in which Jesus...

Toby Flint
Wed 31 Aug 16 | 7:00PM

Rest is an Equipper | Kaila Johnson

Kaila explores how rest is about living in His strength rather than our own. A Spirit-filled life chooses presence over productivity. 

Kaila Johnson
Wed 24 Aug 16 | 7:30PM

Rest is an Encounter | Anna Mason

Rest is essential if we are to encounter God's presence. Stillness leads to revelation.

Anna Mason
Wed 17 Aug 16 | 7:30PM

Rest is a weapon | Paul Ferguson

Spiritual authority is bestowed from rest.

Paul Ferguson
Wed 10 Aug 16 | 7:30PM

Rest is an Anchor | Laura Douglas-Bate

Intimacy and identity come out of resting with God.

Laura Douglas-Bate
Wed 03 Aug 16 | 7:30PM

Rest is an Act of Resistance | Jamie Mulvaney

Rest is counter-cultural. We are called to be a people who model rest and understand its divine power to draw us closer to God.

Jamie Mulvaney
Sun 12 Aug 12 | 12:30PM

Outrageous Rest

In this sermon based on Hebrews 4, HTB Curate Erin Clifford speaks about following God's Word and entering God's rest.
Erin Clifford