Spiritual Discipline

Sun 02 Jul 17 | 5:00PM

Acts: New Vision | Nicky Lee

'Jesus will use us as witnesses not because we have all the answers, but because we have His love — His Spirit — in us.'

Nicky Lee begins our new series...

Nicky Lee
Sun 19 Mar 17 | 6:30PM

The Gospel of Mark Part Six: A Fearless Church | Emily Layzell

'Sometimes God can save us from the storm - and sometimes God can save us in the storm.'

Emily Layzell speaks on the...

Emily Layzell
Wed 13 Aug 14 | 9:00AM

Distractions Destroy Destiny

The story of Samson raises issues of distraction and temptation. Look and learn to live a life of direction that glorifies God. 


Ken Costa
Sun 21 Jul 13 | 10:00AM

Love in Action

Dr Revd Graham Tomlin is the Dean of St Mellitus Theological College. Graham speaks about the habits of faith, based on Romans 12.
Graham Tomlin
Sun 17 Mar 13 | 11:30AM

How the Holy Spirit Grows Us

HTB Associate vicar Miles Toulmin continues our current series on Spiritual Fitness, based on John 16.
Miles Toulmin
Sun 10 Mar 13 | 5:00PM

A Healthy Heart

HTB Curate Al Gordon continues the current series on Spiritual Fitness, in this sermon based on Luke 7.
Al Gordon
Sun 03 Mar 13 | 7:00PM

Fit on the Inside

Guest speaker Bishop Albert Vun, Bishop of Sabah, Malaysia, continues our series on Spiritual Fitness.
Bishop Albert Vun
Sun 17 Feb 13 | 5:00PM

Good Nutrition

Ordinand Dan Millest continues the series on 'Spiritual Fitness', in this sermon based on Matthew 4.
Dan Millest
Sun 17 Feb 13 | 12:00AM

Good Nutrition

HTB Curate Erin Clifford continues the series on 'Spiritual Fitness', in this sermon based on Psalm 1.
Erin Clifford
Sun 10 Feb 13 | 11:30AM

Strengthening Your Core

HTB Vicar, Nicky Gumbel gives the second talk in the series on 'Spiritual Fitness', in this sermon based on Proverbs 3.
Nicky Gumbel
Sun 03 Feb 13 | 11:30AM

Time to Stretch

HTB Vicar, Nicky Gumbel, speaks on spiritual and emotional health in this sermon based on 1 Timothy.
Nicky Gumbel
Thu 01 Jan 70 | 1:00AM

Heroes of the Faith: Noah

HTB Curate H.E. Metters continues our series of Heroes of Faith and looks at the story of Noah to help us build spiritual fitness.

H.E. Metters