Spiritual Growth

Sun 29 Oct 17 | 11:30AM

Live The Life That's Already Yours | Sam Follett

‘We have this new life in Christ. Now do you want to continue to live in your old ways, or do you want to step into the life that's already yours?’


Sam Follett
Sun 09 Jul 17 | 6:30PM

Acts: Ruined For Anything Less | Pete Wynter

'The power of God falls upon the disciples in the way that they have never encountered before. They were ruined for anything less.'


Pete Wynter
Sun 12 Mar 17 | 11:30AM

Gospel of Mark Part Five: How to cultivate your potential | Stephen Foster

'How you listen determines what grows in you. Who you listen to shapes who you become.'

Stephen Foster...

Stephen Foster
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 2:30PM

Navigating Expectations

Everyone lives under the weight of another’s expectations. What’s the difference between positive and negative expectations? How much of our drive to succeed is actually...

Will van der Hart
Tue 29 Jul 14 | 10:15AM

Parenting Children Aged 10 and Under

How do we stay in control of ourselves? How do we keep going? How do we build our child(ren)’s character? How do we help them grow spiritually? How do we build...

Nicky Lee, Sila Lee
Sun 01 Jun 14 | 11:30AM

Interview with Peter Scazzero

Founder of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, Peter Scazzero talks about the importance of an emotionally healthy church.

Peter Scazzero, Nicky Gumbel
Sun 25 May 14 | 10:00AM

Signs of the Spirit

Graham continues our series in the book of Acts, unpacking the notable differences that we see in our lives when we are filled with the Spirit.
Graham Tomlin
Sun 18 May 14 | 5:00PM

I Am the Vine

Will looks at the famous words of Jesus in John 15, and looks into the themes of community and belonging in the body of Christ.
Will van der Hart
Sun 11 May 14 | 5:00PM

Radical and Real

Laughter is the sound an authentic community of friends. Sharing, Sharpening, Shouldering, Showing and Shouting about Jesus! 

Ken Costa
Sun 04 May 14 | 10:00AM

Straight to the Heart

Ed looks at the heart, and challenges us: will we let the message of Jesus impact the very core of who we are? We will respond from the heart?
Ed Hodges
Sun 06 Apr 14 | 10:00AM

The Way: Passion

Jane explores what it means to have Godly passion, in the light of the account in Mark 14 of the woman with the alabaster jar.
Jane Williams
Sun 30 Mar 14 | 7:00PM

The Way: Humility

Our series on 'The Way' continues with Jonny Hughes' sermon based on Mark 10, unpacking the humility of the cross and the importance of giving ourselves away.
Jonny Hughes