Sun 28 Sep 14 | 7:00PM

Life to the Full

Emily Layzell speaks on 'Life to the Full'. Looking at John 10, Emily unpacks what it means to know the voice of Jesus and follow him. 

Emily Layzell
Sun 28 Sep 14 | 5:00PM

The Spacious Place

Al Gordon
Tue 15 May 12 | 2:30PM

How to Be a Leader at Work and Keep Your Faith

Leadership Conference | 2012 | Seminar

An interview panel with Ken Costa and a panel of high profile business leaders on their attitude...

Ken Costa, Panel
Wed 14 Dec 11 | 12:00AM

God at Work: Session 4 – Stress

Ken Costa talks about stress and work/life integration in Week 4 of the God at Work course
Ken Costa