The Gospels

Sun 12 Feb 17 | 7:00PM

Gospel of Mark Part One | Ed Hodges

'We have this invitation: to find our identity in Jesus.'

Watch HTB's Ed Hodges kick off our new Sunday series on the Gospel of Mark.

Ed Hodges
Sun 23 Oct 16 | 11:30AM

Don't Waste Your Discontent

Feeling discontented? Reflecting on John 6, Stephen Foster looks at God as the bread of life and how we can avoid wasting our discontent.

Stephen Foster
Sun 16 Oct 16 | 11:30AM

From Darkness into Light | Pete Wynter

Pete Wynter explores two powerful images that John portrays in the third chapter of his gospel. Is your spirit fully alive?

Pete Wynter
Sun 09 Oct 16 | 11:30AM

The Two Most Important Questions in Life | Nicky Lee

John answers these questions with the story of all stories. His prologue to the story (John 1:1-18) shows us where to find purpose, confidence...

Nicky Lee
Mon 29 Jul 13 | 7:45PM

Monday Evening: Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio is the pastor of the Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the founder of the Passion Movement, which began in 1995. Louie speaks about Jesus' raising of...
Louie Giglio
Sun 23 Dec 12 | 9:30AM

Are You the One to Come?

Who was John the Baptist? Tim examines John's role in identifying Jesus as the Saviour in this talk based on John 1.

Tim Matthews
Sun 04 Nov 12 | 6:00PM

Coming Home: Part 5

In this talk based on 2 Timothy 1, HTB Curate David Walker explores what it means to live out faith with confidence and boldness.
David Walker
Thu 26 Jul 12 | 1:00PM

Rudolf Bultmann – Encountering Jesus Today

In this series we look at some of the most brilliant Christian thinkers of the past.
Chris Tilling
Tue 24 Jul 12 | 10:30AM

Father Raniero Cantalamessa Tuesday AM

Father Raniero Cantalamessa speaks on sharing the Good News and the joy that flows from a life lived in light of the gospel.
Father Raniero Cantalamessa
Mon 23 Jul 12 | 8:30PM

Bishop of London Monday PM

Nicky Gumbel interviews the Bishop of London, reflecting on the Church, the gospel and the aftermath of the London Riots.
Richard Chartres
Sun 22 Jul 12 | 5:00PM

Using the Bible to Solve Moral Dilemmas

God is interested in every aspect of our world and our lives. This stream explores some contemporary issues to help equip you to think and live for Christ in the...
Sean Doherty
Sun 22 Jul 12 | 3:30PM

How to Understand the Bible

In this seminar based on Romans, Chris Tilling shares on how we should think about questions such as how we receive the Bible, how to read it and what to do with the tricky bits.
Chris Tilling