Wed 13 Aug 14 | 7:45PM

Interview with Mike Pilavachi

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of HTB, interviews Mike Pilavachi, leader and founder of Soul Survivor. Soul Survivor is a youth organisation seeking to reach, disciple, equip and...

Mike Pilavachi
Sun 23 Feb 14 | 4:30PM

Preach Mania: Identity

Members of the youth team talk about the theme of identity, based on Psalm 139.
Hannah Neill, Rebecca Hamer
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Raising a Generation of Transformational Leaders | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Releasing and multiplying young leaders is a hallmark of growing churches and organisations. This session will...

Pete Wynter
Mon 13 May 13 | 4:00PM

An Experiment in Contextualisation for the Next Generation | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

HTB curate Toby Flint leads an interactive session addressing our current culture and context, and how to...
Toby Flint, Tim May
Mon 13 May 13 | 2:30PM

Alpha Innovation: The Future of Alpha | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Al and Tim run a session looking at the future of Alpha.

Al Gordon, Tim May, Ije Nwokorie
Tue 29 May 12 | 11:42AM

Glyn Barrett Seminar

Audacious City Church pastor Glyn Barrett leads a seminar on raising up young leaders.
Glyn Barrett
Tue 15 May 12 | 9:30AM

Passing on the Baton

Christine Caine speaks on the importance of passing on the baton to the new generation.
Christine Caine
Mon 14 May 12 | 2:30PM

Responding to the Riots (Part 1)

Head of Social Transformation Paul Cowley leads a panel including Mark Melluish, John Sutherland, Andy Yarrow, Christian Guy and Ian Poree in a discussion on how to respond...
Paul Cowley, Panel
Thu 09 Jun 11 | 2:00PM

International Week: Empowering Gen Y to Evangelise

Mark Russell on how to reach young people and to turn churches inside out for the sake of the kingdom and for the gospel.
Mark Russell
Tue 07 Jun 11 | 11:45AM

International Week: The Next Generation

A talk from International Week on the question: What is in store for the emerging generation?
Sam Familio
Thu 19 May 11 | 5:14PM

14 Years On

Leslie, Youth Alpha Coordinator in Scotland, talks about coming to faith on Youth Alpha.

Youth Alpha