'What do you want out of life?' An easy question to answer? Apologist, speaker and author Amy Orr-Ewing explores the love and forgiveness we receive from God.

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Find your purpose. Watch the latest talk from Nicky Gumbel as he explores building our faith through the story of Nehemiah. #JointheAdventure
Latest Alpha

Latest Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

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Sun 17 May 15 | 11:30AM

Expect the Expected | Ken Costa

We often feel that life can be overwhelming. Ken Costa shows us that no matter how we are feeling or what we are thinking, God lifts us up. 

Sun 17 May 15 | 9:30AM

HTB News | 17 May 2015

In this week of HTB News we learn all about Focus, Alpha, and so much more.

Sun 10 May 15 | 7:00PM

Try Church | Charlie Mackesy

Charlie Mackesy joins us for Try Church Sunday, telling us his story of finding Christ. 

Sun 10 May 15 | 6:30PM

The Importance of Integrity | Michael Ramsden | HTB Onslow Square

Michael Ramsden joins us at HTB Onslow Square to talk about what it means to have integrity.

Sun 10 May 15 | 11:30AM

Try Church | Michael Ramsden

Michael Ramsden joins us for Try Church Sunday discussing the theological idea of truth in Christ. 

Tue 05 May 15 | 6:00PM

Joyce Meyer | How to Walk in Love

The greatest gift you can give someone is a healthy you. Sharing her own life experience, Joyce Meyer describes how we can live in unity if we have love.

Tue 05 May 15 | 4:00PM

Nicky Gumbel Interviews Jo Malone

Global business entrepreneur Jo Malone shares her five keys to a successful brand and the impact of faith on her life.

Tue 05 May 15 | 3:01PM

Nicky Gumbel Interviews Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols

A visibly united church speaks more powerfully to the world than we can ever imagine. Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal...

Tue 05 May 15 | 12:00PM

Proclaiming Together the Joy of the Gospel to a Troubled World

Father Cantalamessa teaches us what it means to give Christ the reins in our lives as individuals and as a united church.

Tue 05 May 15 | 10:00AM

Ken Costa | How to Live Each Day with Purpose

Business Leader and Alpha Chairman, Ken Costa, outlines the distinctive qualities of Christian Leadership and encourages us to learn, not linger and move...

Mon 04 May 15 | 4:00PM

Stay in Your Lane | Robert Madu

Some people cannot run the race set before them because they have their eyes on the lanes beside them. Robert Madu shares how to avoid comparison and keep your eyes...

Mon 04 May 15 | 3:30PM

Nicky Gumbel Interviews Paul Swale and Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Father Raniero Cantalamessa describes his experience of preaching to the Pope and teaches how we can deepen our relationship with...

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