"How do you know your value? The value of something is determined by the price someone is willing to pay for it. You are His priority, you are of infinite worth."

A message from Emily Layzell looking at the parable of the lost coin in Luke 15.

Focus 2017 | Highlights

Focus 2017 | Highlights

The best holidays don't fade. They stay with you forever. Book now for an unforgettable week at Focus, 26 - 31 July 2018
Latest Alpha

Latest Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

Recently Added

Mon 06 Jun 11 | 2:00PM

International Week: Alpha in the Workplace and God at Work

Curate Jago Wynne speaks at International Week about God at Work and how to run Alpha in the workplace.
Mon 06 Jun 11 | 2:00PM

International Week: Practicalities of Alpha in an ESOL Context

A seminar by Jessica Evans at International Week on how to run Alpha in an ESOL context.
Mon 06 Jun 11 | 10:30AM

International Week: Principles of Alpha Part 1

Nicky Gumbel delivers a talk at International Week about the fundamentals of running Alpha.
Mon 06 Jun 11 | 10:00AM

International Week: Opening Address

Opening Address of International Week by the Bishop of London
Mon 06 Jun 11 | 10:00AM

Alpha for the New Generation

Hear the vision for Alpha and learn how to communicate with a new generation.

Sun 05 Jun 11 | 9:30AM

HTB News: 5 June 2011

Report on the Holy Spirit in the World Today Conference. New promo for Focus 2011.

Sun 29 May 11 | 10:00AM

Experiencing the Father's Love

David Walker talks about experiencing the Fathers love, as referenced in John.
Sun 29 May 11 | 9:30AM

HTB News: 29 May 2011

Myles Dhillon and Pat Allerton Focus plug. Video from the new Warehouse in Chiswick.
Fri 27 May 11 | 6:44PM

HTB News Wilberforce Trust Promo

Promotion for the new Wilberforce Trust Warehouse
Mon 23 May 11 | 2:45PM

The Darkness is My Closest Friend

A short meditative video on Psalm 88

Sun 22 May 11 | 11:30AM

The Heart of the Matter

Bill Cahusac talks about heart transformation in this sermon based on Matthew 10.
Sun 22 May 11 | 11:00AM

What's in a Name

Jo Davies talks about the power of transformation and change in a life filled with the Holy Spirit, as found in the book of John.