Stephen Foster shares what it means to invest in what matters to you and how your life can be transformed as a result.

Come as You Are | Charlie Mackesy

Come as You Are | Charlie Mackesy

Is the Christian faith worth exploring? Hear artist Charlie Mackesy share what it's really all about.
Latest Alpha

Latest Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

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Wed 05 Aug 15 | 7:00PM

Summer Nights | Salvation

Summer Nights runs thoughout August on Wednesday evenings, 7-8pm at HTB Brompton Road. Come along with your friends to worship, receive from God and be inspired by encounters...

Sun 02 Aug 15 | 5:00PM

How to be Happy | Stephen Foster

Everyone is searching for happiness, Psalm 1 shows us how to find it.

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 5:30PM

The Bereavement Seminar Pt. 2

Faith Questions in Bereavement. Seminar 2 of 2 accompanying the launch of The Bereavement Journey course. Yvonne Richmond Tulloch talks about the spiritual issues that...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Your Relationship and the Future

How do you know if your date has relationship potential? How can you know if your relationship has a future? This seminar helps you to discern the way ahead and also...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Q&A Panel: Amy and Frog Orr-Ewing, Simon Edwards

Many of us carry big questions about how our faith fits in with the world around us. This is a Q&A led session with our panel of apologists, offering...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Made for More?

Ever felt that you weren’t quite hitting the mark? Does it seem that life isn’t all that you’d hoped it would be? Do you dream of more? Former HTB curate, Ian Dyble, Priest in...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

On the Frontlines of Faith and Freedom

Come and hear Baroness Cox speak on the spiritual privilege and hard reality of speaking up for the oppressed and serving those trapped behind closed borders...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

Practising Mindfulness for Christians

Biblical scholars recognise the gospel is an embodied gospel, and mindfulness is the embodied awareness that enables us to enter the kingdom place of psychological...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 11:15AM

Pt4 God Meant It For Good

A 4 part series exploring the life of Joseph as a demonstration of: • Preparation of a leader • Waiting for your time to come • Struggling with the issue of vindication...

Thu 30 Jul 15 | 10:15AM

Staying Connected as a Couple

How can we stay closely connected and fully committed as a couple in the midst of busy, pressured lives? How can our partnership in marriage be a witness to the love...

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