Sun 30 Aug 15 | 11:30AM

'Biblical gratitude is not conditional upon a positive experience.' Will van der Hart unpacks what it means to dwell in the Lord. 

Summer Nights | Faith
Wed 26 Aug 15 | 7:00PM

Summer Nights | Faith

Summer Nights runs thoughout August on Wednesday evenings, 7-8pm at HTB Brompton Road. Come along with your friends to worship, receive from God and be inspired by encounters with Jesus in John's Gospel.
Focus 2015 | Radical Calling
Sat 25 Jul 15 | 7:45PM

Focus 2015 | Radical Calling

Find a Radical Calling for Your Life | Archie Coates

Recently Added

Mon 27 Jul 15 | 11:15AM

Pt1 God Meant It For Good

A 4 part series exploring the life of Joseph as a demonstration of: • Preparation of a leader • Waiting for your time to come • Struggling with the issue of vindication...

Mon 27 Jul 15 | 10:15AM

Try Harder

If you work hard, you will succeed. This a message our culture tells us all the time, and so often in the church we believe it. Pelagius, a British monk in Rome in the fourth century, said...

Mon 27 Jul 15 | 10:15AM

Transitioning into Parenthood

Jon and Susanna highlight issues mothers and fathers face when they become new parents. They explore how parents navigate this new season of life, with the highs and...

Mon 27 Jul 15 | 7:15AM

Influential with Jo Saxton

When God looked down on from heaven and made women, what on earth was he thinking? This session not only explores our God-given identity, but also our kingdom commission...

Sun 26 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Can I Believe in a God Who Does Not Answer My Prayers?

Sometimes when we pray, nothing appears to change. The Bible tells us that God hears our prayers and loves to answer them, so why does he sometimes...

Sun 26 Jul 15 | 4:00PM

Can I be Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice?

Does being a Christian automatically mean we are anti-abortion? What exactly do those in favour of abortion mean by the world ‘choice’? Speaking from twenty...

Sun 26 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

Life Hacks for Creative People

Explore ten practical ways to empower creativity in your everyday life.

Sun 26 Jul 15 | 2:30PM

Liberation from Worry

We all worry form time to time, but some people find that worry has become a permanent feature of their mental landscape. Trying to simply ‘stop worrying’ is not possible...

Sun 26 Jul 15 | 10:15AM

The Radical Hospitality of the Family of God

Jane Williams reflects on God’s purpose for the family. Listen to stories from those who have sought to live this out practically through adoption, fostering...

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