Ken Costa

The Whispering God

Nothing will transform your life as much as hearing and heading God’s voice. Learn to lean in. 

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Choose Joy

See what it means to choose joy and celebration in a life following Jesus. 

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Cross Of Courage | Ken Costa

'What the world most needs we have: the love of God.'

Ken Costa continues our Luke series, looking at how we - the hopeful minority, the people of the small print, the followers of a narrow path - can play a part in changing the story of our times.

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Know Your Who | Ken Costa

'Before I look at my purpose in life I need to work out who I am.'

At the start of our Advent series, Ken Costa examines John 1, asking where we draw our sense of identity from. Is your internal life the same as your external life?

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Release Your Core Story | Ken Costa

'My core story and your core story are joined together in the greatest story ever told - the story of Jesus Christ.'

Ken Costa explores the core story that shapes each of our lives, which when released in worship transforms us and those around us.


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The Gospel of Luke Part One: A Strange Kingdom | Ken Costa

'Servant leaders are not grasping but are giving, not commanding but consulting, not controlling but cooperating.'

Ken Costa opens our series on The Gospel of Luke, starting our journey towards Easter. 

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Know Your Why | Ken Costa

Ken Costa speaks from his new book, 'Know Your Why', on the subject of finding and fulfilling your calling in life.

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Know Your Why

All of us will at some time ask the question, ‘Why am I here?’. Some of us ask it almost every day! This Tent Talk is aimed to help you find and fulfil God’s calling on your life. Questions about purpose and identity have never been more urgent than to a generation grappling with unprecedented change. But whether you’re seasoned in the faith or just starting out, nothing could be more important than taking hold of God’s call in your life. Hear from many others who are facing the same question.

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Who can make the halves whole? | Ken Costa

Fault lines exist at the centre of our heart and within the fabric of our country. But, there must be a change in this narrative of conflict and misunderstanding. Explore with Ken what we learn from Joshua 22, and how Jesus helps us move from borders to bridges, from damaged halves to determined hope, from factions to friends and fear to faith.

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The Premises of the World and the Promises of the Word | Ken Costa

We have a choice: live by the premises of the world or the promises of God. Ken Costa challenges us to choose the wisdom of the word above the wisdom of the world.

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