Martyn Layzell

How To Build Authentic Relationships | Martyn Layzell

‘There’s no community without commitment. There’s no relationship without risk.’

Martyn Layzell continues our series on Character, looking at Paul's teaching on authentic community relationships in Romans 12:9-13.

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How To Make The Most Effective Use Of Your Time | Martyn Layzell

'Jesus invested his time in what was most important he made his number one priority telling people about the Kingdom of God.'

Martyn Layzell unpacks Mark 1:14-20, looking at how we can make the most effective use of our time. We have good news to tell people - and it's urgent.

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The Life-Changing Truth of the Resurrection | Martyn Layzell

'Today is the day we celebrate the truth, the historical fact that Jesus is alive.'

On Easter Sunday, Martyn Layzell speaks on one of the incredible accounts of the resurrection, looking at Mark 16.

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How To Be Used By God | Martyn Layzell

‘Greatness is ultimately determined by service and God is calling each one of us to serve Him and His purposes in this world.’ 

Martyn Layzell begins our Exodus series looking at the theme of leadership and how once we know the sufficiency of God, we can find our identity. 

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How To Activate Your Gifts | Martyn Layzell

'In order for you to make a difference in this world, you have to activate your gifts.'

Martyn Layzell looks at 2 Timothy, exploring how Paul encourages Timothy to use his gifts. Martyn teaches how the gifts God gives us are not just for us, but that they're there to build others up.

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How To Love Your Enemies | Martyn Layzell

'Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.' Martyn Layzell continues our series in Luke, examining Jesus’ challenging teaching of how to love our enemies.

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Psalms: Trusting in God's Promise of Protection | Martyn Layzell

'God is eternal. You can be confident in His complete and secure protection.'

Martyn Layzell opens our summer series on Psalms, looking at God's promise of protection in Psalm 91.

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Gospel of Mark Part Three: How to experience breakthrough | Martyn Layzell

We all need breakthrough somewhere in our lives. Martyn Layzell delivers the third in our series on the Gospel of Mark, examining Mark 2:1-12. Do you know someone who needs break through? Be sure to share the talk.

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The Way | Martyn Layzell

Martyn Layzell leads us into 'The Way', an 8 part series highlighting the teachings of Jesus in our everyday life. This week we discover more about the Kingdom of God. 

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Radical Community: A New Society | Martyn Layzell

Martyn Layzell joins us for Part 4 of our Radical Community series to tell us about holy living with, 'A New Society.'

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