Stephen Foster

Vision: How to Increase Your Impact | Stephen Foster

'Seed is there to be sown. If it’s sown, it can multiply.'

Why wouldn't Jesus' teaching about money be just as liberating, just as compelling, as any other subject? Stephen Foster looks at how we can increase our impact, not just with information, but with wisdom from God.

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Psalms: How to Activate Your Adoration | Stephen Foster

'You're hard-wired to worship; to adore. Worship is in your DNA. What are you going to spend your life worshiping?'

Stephen Foster gives the final talk from our Sunday series on the book of Psalms, exploring how we can activate our adoration in Psalm 103.

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Does God Heal Today? | Stephen Foster

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

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Acts: How to Be Bold | Stephen Foster

'Most of us want our lives to make an impact. We want to make a difference. We don't just want to tread water or go through the motions... But so often what gets in the way of being bold is fear.'

Stephen Foster gives the second talk in our Acts series, exploring how we like the disciples can be bold in the face of fear. 

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Four keys to great friendships | Stephen Foster

'You need some people in your life you trust enough to wound you from time to time.' 

Stephen Foster continues our series on Old Testament Characters, looking at amazing friendship of Jonathan and David.

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How To Take Risks | Stephen Foster

'It's so important to know how to take risks in life. We don't want to live our entire lives in the comfort zone. But how do you know which are the right risks to take?'

Stephen Foster looks at Luke 7, exploring a lesson of faith in the actions of a woman prepared to take a risk to meet Jesus.

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Invest your failure, lay down your success | Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster examines two leadership lessons from the life of Moses; investing our failures and laying down our success in order to move forward with God.

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The Gospel of Luke Part Four: You Have Resurrection Power | Stephen Foster

'You have the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, living inside of you.' 

Stephen Foster gives the final talk in our series on The Gospel of Luke, examining the power of the resurrection.

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The Gospel of Luke Part Three: He Has Risen | Stephen Foster

'He has risen. Three words that change everything forever.'

Stephen Foster examines the incredible, life changing message of the Resurrection and what it means for our world.

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The Gospel of Luke Part Two: How To Face Attacks | Stephen Foster

'No attack, no evil, has the last word over your life. Only Christ has the last word over you.'

Stephen Foster continues our series on The Gospel of Luke, looking at how we can face attacks with compassion, forgiveness and hope.

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