Related Churches & Church Plants

All Hallows, Bow

Revd Cris Rogers

In 2010 Cris Rogers led a planting team from St Paul's, Shadwell to All Hallows, Bow.

Ascension Balham

Revd Marcus Gibbs

In 1994 curate Andrew White led a planting team of 65 from St Mark's, Battersea Rise to Ascension Church in Balham.

Harbour Church, Portsmouth

Revd Alex Wood

In September 2016 Alex and Liz Wood will be leading a planting team from St Peter’s, Brighton to Harbour Church, Portsmouth.


Revd Jago Wynne

In 2012 Jago and Susannah Wynne led a team of 50 that grafted into the existing congregation at Holy Trinity Clapham and launched a new evening service. Jago became Rector of Holy Trinity Clapham in 2015.

Holy Trinity Hastings

Revd Simon Larkin

In 2014 Simon and Sarah Larkin led a planting team of 44 from St Peter’s Brighton to Holy Trinity Hastings.

Holy Trinity, Swiss Cottage

Revd Andy Keighley

In 2006 ex HTB curates Andy Keighley and Graham Singh led a planting team to Holy Trinity, Swiss Cottage.

Hope Church Islington

Revd Paul Zaphiriou

In 2006 a team of 18 led by ex HTB curate Paul Zaphiriou left St George's Holborn and joined the existing parish of St Mary Magdalene & St David, now Hope Church Islington.

St Alban's, Fulham

Revd Matt Hogg

In 2010 ex HTB curate Matt Hogg led a joint plant of 50 people with St Paul's, Hammersmith to St Alban's, Fulham.

St Barnabas, Kensington

Revd H Miller (Interim Minister)

In 1985 HTB curate John Irvine led a planting team of 100 to St Barnabas, Kensington.

St Dionis, Parson's Green

Revd Tim Stilwell

In 2014 Pat Allerton led a team of 50 that grafted into the existing congregation at St Dionis Parson's Green and helped them launch a new evening service.

St Francis, Dalgarno Way

Revd Azariah France-Williams

In 2010 HTB Curate Azariah France-Williams lead a small team to reinvigorate St Francis, Dalgarno Way.

St George's, Holborn

Revd John Valentine

In 2002 HTB curate John Valentine led a planting team of 100 to St Georges, Holborn.

St John's Hampton Wick

Revd Jerry Field

In 2010, Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage curate Graham Singh and HTB curate Jerry Field led a team of 70 from HTB and St Stephen's Twickenham, to re-open a closed church building at Kingston Bridge.

St John's, Hoxton

Revd Graham Hunter

In 2010 curate Graham Hunter went out from St Mary Magdalene's Islington to lead a planting team to help renew St John's Hoxton.

St Luke's Gas Street, Birmingham

Revd Tim Hughes

In September 2015 Tim and Rachel Hughes led a planting team to St Luke’s Gas Street, Birmingham.

St Luke's Kentish Town

Revd Jon March

In 2011, HTB curate Jon March led a planting team from HTB to St. Luke’s Kentish Town

St Luke's Millwall

Revd Ed Dix

In 2013 Ed Dix led a team from St Paul's Shadwell to relaunch St Luke's Millwall

St Mark's, Battersea Rise

Revd Paul Perkin

In 1987 HTB curate Paul Perkin led a planting team of 49 to St Mark's, Battersea. 

St Mark's, Tollington Park

Revd David Bird

In 2005 ex HTB vicar and now Bishop Sandy Millar led a planting team St Mark’s, Tollington Park.

St Marks Coventry

Revd Phil Atkinson

In 2017, Phil and Rachel Atkinson planted in Coventry.

St Paul's Hounslow

Revd Libby Etherington

In 2012 Rev'd Libby Etherington led this new church plant from HTB and St Stephen's Twickenham.

St Paul's, Brixton

Revd Ben Goodyear

In 2010 Ben Goodyear led a team of 18 people from Ascension Church, Balham, to St Paul's, Brixton.

St Paul's, Hammersmith

Revd Simon Downham

In 2000 HTB curate Simon Downham led a planting team of 200 to St Paul’s, Hammersmith.

St Paul's, Shadwell

Revd Phil Williams

In 2005 HTB Curate Ric Thorpe led a planting team of 100 to St Paul’s. He was succeeded in 2016 by HTB Curate Phil Williams.

St Peter's, Battersea

Revd Patrick Malone

In 2007 curate Patrick Malone led a planting team out of St Mark's Battersea Rise to St Peter's Battersea.

St Peter's, Bethnal Green

Revd Adam Atkinson

In 2010 HTB curate Adam Atkinson lead a group from St Paul's, Shadwell to St Peter's, Bethnal Green.

St Peter's, Brighton

Revd Archie Coates

In 2009 HTB's associate vicar, Archie Coates led a planting team of 50 to St Peter's Brighton. This was HTB's first plant outside of London.

St Sepulchre's, Newgate

Revd David Ingall

In September 2013 HTB curate David Ingall led a planting team of 60 from HTB and St. George's Holborn to start up a new church partnership at St. Sepulchre's Newgate in the City of London.

St Stephen's, Westbourne Park

Revd Jeremy Allcock

In 1994 HTB curate Tom Gillum led a planting team of 40 to St Stephen’s, Westbourne Park. 


St Swithin's, Lincoln

Revd Jim Prestwood

In 2014 Jim and Vicky Prestwood led a team from HTB to St. Swithin's, Lincoln.

St Swithun's Church, Bournemouth

Revd Tim Matthews

In 2014 Tim and Debbie Matthews led a planting team of 20 from HTB to St. Swithun's, Bournemouth. 


St Thomas, Norwich

Revd Ian Dyble

In 2013 Ian and Jo Dyble led a planting team from HTB to St Thomas’, Norwich.

St Werburgh's Derby

Revd Phil Mann

In 2017 Phil and Anna Mann lead a planting team to Derby.

St. George's, Gateshead

Revd Rich Grant

In September 2016 Rich and Louise Grant will be leading a joint HTB/St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield planting team to Saint George’s, Gateshead.

St. Matthias, Plymouth

Revd Olly Ryder

In September 2016 Olly and Ali Ryder will be leading a planting team to St Matthias, Plymouth.

Trinity Church Nottingham

Revd Jonny Hughes

In September 2016 Jonny and Amy Hughes will be leading a planting team to Nottingham.