Related Churches & Church Plants

A New HTB Church Plant - Harbour Church, Portsmouth

Revd Alex Wood

In September 2016 Alex and Liz Wood will be leading a planting team from St Peter’s, Brighton to Harbour Church, Portsmouth.

A New HTB Church Plant - St. George's, Gateshead

Revd Rich Grant

In September 2016 Rich and Louise Grant will be leading a joint HTB/St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield planting team to Saint George’s, Gateshead.

A New HTB Church Plant - St. Matthias, Plymouth

Revd Olly Ryder

In September 2016 Olly and Ali Ryder will be leading a planting team to St Matthias, Plymouth.

All Hallows, Bow

Revd Cris Rogers

In 2010 Cris Rogers led a planting team from St Paul's, Shadwell to All Hallows, Bow.

Ascension Balham

Revd Marcus Gibbs

In 1994 curate Andrew White led a planting team of 65 from St Mark's, Battersea Rise to Ascension Church in Balham.

Holy Trinity Hastings

Revd Simon Larkin

In 2014 Simon and Sarah Larkin led a planting team of 44 from St Peter’s Brighton to Holy Trinity Hastings.

Holy Trinity, Swiss Cottage

Revd Andy Keighley

In 2006 ex HTB curates Andy Keighley and Graham Singh led a planting team to Holy Trinity, Swiss Cottage.

Hope Church Islington

Revd Paul Zaphiriou

In 2006 a team of 18 led by ex HTB curate Paul Zaphiriou left St George's Holborn and joined the existing parish of St Mary Magdalene & St David, now Hope Church Islington.

St Alban's, Fulham

Revd Matt Hogg

In 2010 ex HTB curate Matt Hogg led a joint plant of 50 people with St Paul's, Hammersmith to St Alban's, Fulham.

St Barnabas, Kensington

Revd Tim Humphrey

In 1985 HTB curate John Irvine led a planting team of 100 to St Barnabas, Kensington.

St Dionis, Parson's Green

Revd Tim Stilwell

In 2014 Pat Allerton led a team of 50 that grafted into the existing congregation at St Dionis Parson's Green and helped them launch a new evening service.

St Francis, Dalgarno Way

Revd Azariah France-Williams

In 2010 HTB Curate Azariah France-Williams lead a small team to reinvigorate St Francis, Dalgarno Way.

St George's, Holborn

Revd John Valentine

In 2002 HTB curate John Valentine led a planting team of 100 to St Georges, Holborn.

St John's Hampton Wick

Revd Jerry Field

In 2010, Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage curate Graham Singh and HTB curate Jerry Field led a team of 70 from HTB and St Stephen's Twickenham, to re-open a closed church building at Kingston Bridge.

St John's, Hoxton

Revd Graham Hunter

In 2010 curate Graham Hunter went out from St Mary Magdalene's Islington to lead a planting team to help renew St John's Hoxton.

St Luke's Gas Street, Birmingham

Revd Tim Hughes

In September 2015 Tim and Rachel Hughes led a planting team to St Luke’s Gas Street, Birmingham.

St Luke's Kentish Town

Revd Jon March

In 2011, HTB curate Jon March led a planting team from HTB to St. Luke’s Kentish Town

St Luke's Millwall

Revd Ed Dix

In 2013 Ed Dix led a team from St Paul's Shadwell to relaunch St Luke's Millwall

St Mark's, Battersea Rise

Revd Paul Perkin

In 1987 HTB curate Paul Perkin led a planting team of 49 to St Mark's, Battersea. 

St Mark's, Tollington Park

Revd David Bird

In 2005 ex HTB vicar and now Bishop Sandy Millar led a planting team St Mark’s, Tollington Park.

St Paul's, Brixton

Revd Ben Goodyear

In 2010 Ben Goodyear led a team of 18 people from Ascension Church, Balham, to St Paul's, Brixton.

St Paul's, Hammersmith

Revd Simon Downham

In 2000 HTB curate Simon Downham led a planting team of 200 to St Paul’s, Hammersmith.

St Paul's, Shadwell

Revd Ric Thorpe

In 2005 HTB Curates Ric Thorpe and Jez Barnes led a planting team of 100 to St Paul’s, Shadwell.

St Peter's, Battersea

Revd Patrick Malone

In 2007 curate Patrick Malone led a planting team out of St Mark's Battersea Rise to St Peter's Battersea.

St Peter's, Bethnal Green

Revd Adam Atkinson

In 2010 HTB curate Adam Atkinson lead a group from St Paul's, Shadwell to St Peter's, Bethnal Green.

St Peter's, Brighton

Revd Archie Coates

In 2009 HTB's associate vicar, Archie Coates led a planting team of 50 to St Peter's Brighton. This was HTB's first plant outside of London.

St Sepulchre's, Newgate

Revd David Ingall

In September 2013 HTB curate David Ingall led a planting team of 60 from HTB and St. George's Holborn to start up a new church partnership at St. Sepulchre's Newgate in the City of London.

St Stephen's, Westbourne Park

Revd Jeremy Allcock

In 1994 HTB curate Tom Gillum led a planting team of 40 to St Stephen’s, Westbourne Park.

St Swithin's, Lincoln

Revd Jim Prestwood

In 2014 Jim and Vicky Prestwood led a team from HTB to St. Swithin's, Lincoln.

St Swithun's Church, Bournemouth

Revd Tim Matthews

In 2014 Tim and Debbie Matthews led a planting team of 20 from HTB to St. Swithun's, Bournemouth. 


St Thomas, Norwich

Revd Ian Dyble

In 2013 Ian and Jo Dyble led a planting team from HTB to St Thomas’, Norwich.