Connect group Resources


Here you can find a range of teaching materials available for you and your Connect Group to use. These series and courses are based on a variety of topics including books and themes in the Bible, Christian literature and many more.

The resources can be used either straight 'off the shelf' or tailored by you so that they're perfect for your group. 


Jesus - a life

A series focusing on Jesus’s life as portrayed in Matthew’s Gospel, unpacking how its message can transform and shape our Discipleship.

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Good News For All

A look at the Christmas story through the eyes of Mary and Joseph, focusing on their response to the incredible news of what their lives are to play a part in.
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The Jesus manifesto

How does Jesus live out the prophecy of Isaiah 61? This eight-week study examines the words of the Old Testament prophet alongside Jesus’ ministry in Mark’s gospel.
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Study resources coinciding with the Vision preaching series taking place on Sunday services in September 2018.
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the prayer course

Journey through the Lord's Prayer with six short videos and a handy 'cheat sheet' for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen your prayer life and that of your Connect Group and the church.


My Churchsuite user guide

A guide for Connect Group Leaders on how to use the My ChurchSuite app and website, to help you manage your Connect Group.

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Living a Wise Life

Through the books of Proverbs, Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes, this six session series focuses on subjects such as friendships, romantic relationships, our words and sexuality.
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Finding Freedom

The Bible says 'If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed'. But free from what exactly? This six-session study, based on key passages in Exodus, looks into how we find freedom.
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Paul's letter to the Ephesians offers an all-encompassing manual to the Christian life. This series looks at three main themes: 'Sit, Walk, Stand'.
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Working challenges

Six sessions on the Sermon on the Mount looking at key challenges at work including coping with difficult colleagues, stress, money and our witness in the workplace. The material is also relevant to those in the who may not be in paid employment.
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Work, rest and play

Three sessions looking at God's vision for our work, the challenges of unrest in fast-paced London life and how we conduct our romantic relationships.
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Growing community

This study looks at the key characteristics of a healthy Christian community: identity, commitment, hope, integrity and humility.
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free to live

How putting relationships first changes everything! A discipleship course expressing the love of Christ in an age of debt.
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The Jesus Lifestyle

This popular six-week series is based on Nicky Gumbel's book of the same name. Covering current relevant topics including happiness, anger, sex and divorce, this series is ideal for any Connect Group wanting to learn more about the Christian response to the world today.
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This resource looks at Jesus' interaction with his surroundings in John’s Gospel, and how he models ways for us to engage with our city.
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Many people think the book of Romans is hard-going, but this study picks out some of the key themes on Christian living to make it accessible and applicable.
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Good Fruits

The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. Explore each of them in this ten-week series.
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Seven Deadly Sins

Based on Graham Tomlin's book Seven Deadly Sins, this seven-week series provides a fascinating platform for discussion. What are the qualities that society would not consider problematic but we as Christians would consider to be sinful?
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A Life Worth Living

Based on the book of Philippians, this series is particularly good for newer Christians. Structured using Nicky Gumbel's book, A Life Worth Living, this course looks at six topics over the course including 'new heart', 'new attitude' and 'new ambition'.
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God at Work

This course is based on Ken Costa’s book God At Work, and aims to equip Christians to find purpose in their day-to-day work, and to live it out effectively. The course is comprised of six sessions, each designed to last an hour.



A simple, practical, biblical, helpful and personal tool for disciples of Jesus who want to make disciples of Jesus.


Jesus Is...

What fills the blank? Explore this platform that allows people to express who Jesus is to them.


Worship Central

Find songs, events and the Worship Central course here.



A guide to using the Planning Centre resource for Connect Groups.

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Spiritual disciplines train us to live lives in line with the faith we profess. Click here to find the four-part video resource, which is also one of the core modules within the HTB Discipleship Pathway
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