Holy Trinity Brompton is an Anglican Church located in South Kensington London. HTB is home to Alpha, The Marriage Courses and hosts The Leadership Conference.



The purpose of discipleship is to become like Jesus, to live as Jesus did and to follow the pathway that he sets out

(1 John 2:6)

Who we are becoming is formed by the daily routines and practices of our everyday lives. The power of spiritual discipline is central to the journey of discipleship.

We invite you, as part of this church, to live out these five patterns: pray daily, read the Bible, join a group, commit to a service, walk with others.

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Joining a Connect Group or one of our other groups gives you the opportunity to build friendship and grow spiritually. It also provides space to serve and bless others, and to explore and use the gifts God has given you.



The Christian life is not always easy. Finding two or three others to join you on your journey and meet with regularly will support, strengthen and encourage you in your daily walk with God and remind you that you’re not on your own.



Find a time, place and pattern for reading the Bible every day. As you follow the Bible in One Year, be expectant about seeing your life and walk with God transformed by listening to his voice through Scripture. 

You may also want to explore more through the School of Theology. It is perfect for anyone who would like to deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible, for those who have recently come to faith, or those who have been Christians for many years.



Think of the difference it would make if you began and ended each day in prayer. Challenge yourself to pray and ask God to show you what to pray for – from world issues to close friends, for personal growth and for those who may not know Jesus yet.



Being rooted in a church community that prays, worships and learns together is essential. It’s a place to call home; a place where you belong, build friendship and grow.


HTB Journal

Stories are interwoven throughout the Bible. The psalmist often implores the Israelites to ‘remember’ all that God has done and to tell of his works. God tells the prophet Jeremiah to ‘write all the words I have spoken to you in a book’. Written word tells a story – we learn as we reflect back, listen in the present and look forward in expectation for what is to come.

The HTB Journal has been created to support you in establishing these patterns in your daily life: jot down notes from Sunday sermons, Connect Group, Leadership Conference and Focus, record what God is saying to you at Kingdom Come and in your 24-7 Prayer Room sessions.

Available now from the HTB Bookshop.


HTB Discipleship Podcast

Take the opportunity to dig a little deeper in your journey with the Discipleship podcast.

Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.



Theologians Graham Tomlin, Mike Lloyd, Jane Williams and the occasional guest speaker get together to discuss burning issues of God, theology, life and much more, over coffee and biscuits. Visit the Godpod webpage to ask your question to the team. 

Available on iTunes.