environment policy

Our approach to environmental issues is something we take very seriously. We have taken great strides in recent years towards becoming increasingly responsible, and we are continuing our commitment to progress in all areas of our charity.

We are engaging with the diocese who, in partnership with the Carbon Trust, is finding ways to meet the long term climate challenge. This initiative is called ‘Generic Building Solutions’ and its aim is to reduce the diocesan energy use and carbon emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050.

At a more tangible level, a good example of our progress is our electricity usage – all our electricity requirements at HTB Church are met from 100 per cent renewable sources supplied by a company that has won many prizes and plaudits for its ethically-led environmental work.

The consumables (disposable cups, plates, cutlery etc) used at all our Sunday services and other church events are sourced from a supplier that specialises in biodegradable, carbon neutral products. More generally, all our tea and coffee is Fair Trade.

In our offices we have installed a heat recovery system; we use recycled materials (including our printer/copier paper) and have a comprehensive policy for paper, plastic and metal recycling (including battery and technical equipment). We have integrated printer/scanner/fax/copiers with default double sided, black and white printing. Even our photocopier supplier has a carbon offset clause in its contract.