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Thu 26 Nov 15 | 12:12PM
At HTB’s Confirmation Service on Sunday, the Bishop of Kensington Dr Graham Tomlin said, ‘From this time onwards, they will leave behind their old self and move into their new self made into the vision of Christ.’ How do we become more like Christ in our everyday? Here are 5 ways shared by the Bishop on Sunday.   1. Pray Graham implores us to, ‘Make Jesus the first...

Tue 30 Aug 16 | 7:07AM


Do you know someone struggling from an eating disorder? Invite them to the New ID Course starting Thursday 22 Sept.

Mon 29 Aug 16 | 5:05PM


Why didn’t you tell me about the Focus 2017 monthly payment plan? Or the Earlybird rate? Oh look, we just did. ; )

Mon 29 Aug 16 | 7:07AM


'You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.' — Psalm 86:5 #MondayMotivation