Leadership Conference 2013

Tue 14 May 13 | 7:00PM

Steven Furtick | Leadership Conference 2013 | Main Session

Steven Furtick of Elevation Church, North Carolina, shares from 2 Kings 2:1–15, the call and life of Elisha the prophet, at the 2013 Leadership...
Steven Furtick
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Modern Day Prophet

Leadership Conference | 2013 | Seminar 

Learn to read the times, act decisively and hear the signal of the Holy Spirit through the noise. 

Ken Costa
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Raising a Generation of Transformational Leaders | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Releasing and multiplying young leaders is a hallmark of growing churches and organisations. This session will...

Pete Wynter
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Freedom to Love: Authentic Sexual Liberation | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Join Christopher West, as he looks beyond mere prohibitions to the overall biblical vision of sexuality that provides...
Christopher West
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Leadership in the Monastic Tradition | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Deep in Christian tradition, monastic wisdom has honed principles of leadership based on the teaching of the gospel for...

Fr Luigi Gioia
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Church Planting | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

In this seminar, Ric Thorpe, church planter and the Bishop of London’s Advisor for Church Planting, and Miles Toulmin, Associate Vicar of HTB...

Ric Thorpe, Miles Toulmin
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Worship Central: Standing on the Edge of Something New | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

With a look at the new Worship Central Course, Tim will unpack how we can cultivate communities of worship and...
Tim Hughes
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Thoughts From the Next Generation | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

HTB curate David Ingall continues the commerce seminar stream by interviewing a panel, considering the next generation in business.
David Ingall, Panel
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Submissive Leaders, Powerful Servants? | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Dr Revd Graham Tomlin is the Dean of St Mellitus Theological College. Graham speaks about Christian leadership, and particularly...
Graham Tomlin
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Leading Churches to Transform Communities | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Daniel Ho, Senior Pastor and Co-founder of Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Malaysia, speaks on leading churches...
Daniel Ho
Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

Growth Drivers | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Overcoming the Three Common Pitfalls That Cause Politics and Mediocrity in our Churches.

Pat will describe the three most unique...

Tue 14 May 13 | 4:00PM

How Do We Live Out God's Hospitality? | Leadership Conference 2013 | Seminar

Whether in our family, church-family or wider communities, how do we extend an invitation to the vulnerable and marginalised?...
Paul Cowley, Panel