Feeling discontented? Reflecting on John 6, Stephen Foster looks at God as the bread of life and how we can avoid wasting our discontent.

Focus 2016 Highlights

Focus 2016 Highlights

Focus is a week of teaching, worship and community for HTB & associated churches. 24 - 30 July 2017 --- Book now for our early bird rate and take advantage of our monthly payment plan by paying as little as £19 p/month.
Latest Alpha

Latest Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.

Recently Added

Wed 27 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Renewal of your Mind - Forgetting God? Faithfulness & Dementia

In this session, Rob Merchant unpacks a theological understanding of Dementia and the role of the community of faith.

Wed 27 Jul 16 | 10:30AM

Wednesday Morning Session - Miriam Swaffield

Main session with Miriam Swaffield

Wed 27 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Sharpen your Life skills - I am who He says I am: Forging identity in adversity

Know who you are in Christ and live strong through life’s tough times.

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

No Child Left Behind

Just as Mission Control had to think quickly and creatively when the Apollo 13 space mission had a catastrophic technical failure, so we need fresh ideas to help the thousands...

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

Sharpen your Life skills - Finding Rest in a Caffeinated World

Rest is hard to find but it is possible to make small changes that will have a profound impact upon your life.

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Renewal of your Mind - Reconnecting in the Digital Age: Social Media & Community

In this session, Sara Schumacher explores how social media is (physically) changing our brains and reducing our...

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 2:30PM

The Creative Life - The Power of Music to Transform Lives

What is so special about music? Is it a nice accompaniment to our lives, or is it something more? Reuben Morgan said, ‘I believe that a...

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 9:30AM

Living with Confidence - Confident of Peace

Confidence is key. We all long for more of it. But what is the secret to growing in confidence? True confidence is not just about being sure in your skill-set...

Tue 26 Jul 16 | 7:30AM

Men's Breakfast - Fully Awake

Discover the powerful impact of men living to their full potential. Henk, founder of the 4M men’s movement, shares four lessons from the life of David and tell stories...

Mon 25 Jul 16 | 7:30PM

Monday Evening Session - Rachel Hughes

Main session with Rachel Hughes

Mon 25 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

Future Leadership for the Smart Age

What will changes in digital and bio technologies, automation, social ethics and more mean to the future of leadership in the marketplace? How can Christians in...

Mon 25 Jul 16 | 4:00PM

How to Awaken a Man

Do you long for men to live a life of purpose, to stand up for their families, churches and for justice? Henk (founder of 4M) and James Ray (CEO 4M UK) share from God's Word and...

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